tarduccion the history of the death penalty

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the history of the death penalty
in the united states, the death penalty is sometimes given to people who are guilty of committing very serious crimes. these crimes could include first-degree murder and treason, or bettraying one´s country. capital punishment was brought to america by early settlers from europe. in early america, people who were found guilty of murder and rape were routinelyexecuted, either by hanging or by a firing squad. convicted burglars, thieves, and even counterfeiters often received the death penalty. this was thought to be a deterrent to other criminals.
people began to feel that criminals were not evil. instead, they were victims of powerty, poor education, and lack of opportunity. society should help criminals, rather than kill them, they thought. anotherreason for the change in thinking was economic. prisons were very expensive. early american states could not afford to keep many people in prison. rather than keep them in prison, convicted criminals were executed. but as society became richer during the industrial revolution, prisons became more affordable for society. because of this and other reasons, keeping criminals in prison rather thanexecuting them became a viable option. by the mid- 1800s, many states banned the death penalty except in the case of convicted murderers. but those states were mostly the northern states. the southern states kept the death penlaty for many crimes. that trend continues in modern america. even today, most executions happen in the soutthern states. the southern states are considered more conservative thannorthern states. in the southern states today, death by injection is the standard form of execution. it is considered the most humane form of the death penalty.

in the last few years in america, the deabte over the death penalty has grown more widespread. a recent argument against the death penalty is that some of the people who are found guilty and sentenced to die are not actually guilty.new methods of verifying evidence, such as DNA testing, have helped free many death-row inmates. because in many cases, criminals cannot be prven 100 percent guilty, it is not right to sentence them to death, opponents say. there is a chance that they may be innocent. in fact, the governor of illinois recently halted all executions in his state. in illinois, some death-row inmates were imprisoned.after taht, the governor was afraid that some people being executed were wrongly convicted.
another argument against the death penalty is the high cost of executing a prisoner. someone sentenced to die has the right to appeal the sentence several times. the state has to defend its case each time before a higher court. one study found that it costs more than $ 1.000.000 in legal costs for aprisoner to exhaust all appeals against the death penalty. despite the often-heated national debate, the majority of americans are still in favor of the death penalty.
according to a recent study, approximately 65 percent of americans still believe that the death penalty is appropiate for crimes such a first-degree-murder. in cases of mass murder, the percentage in a favor capital punishment is evenhigher. more than 80 percent of americans wanted the death penalty given to Timothy McVeigh, the man who killed hundreads in the oklahoma city bombing.

la historia de la pena de muerte
en los Estados Unidos , la pena de muerte se da a veces a las personas que son culpables de haber cometido delitos muy graves . estos delitos podrían incluir el asesinato y la traición de primer grado , obettraying país de uno. la pena capital fue traído a América por los primeros colonos de Europa. a principios de américa , las personas que fueron declarados culpables de asesinato y violación fueron ejecutados de forma rutinaria , ya sea en la horca o por fusilamiento . ladrones convictos , ladrones y falsificadores a menudo incluso recibieron la pena de muerte . esto se piensa que es un elemento de...
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