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Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070: How is it Affecting Arizona?

The Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 is Already Showing its Effect on the State, With Businesses Saying They Are Suffering
The effectsof passing the Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 is already being felt in the state with many Hispanic business owners saying their sales have declined and they fear they are now going to struggle tostay afloat.
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Hector Manrique owns ataqueria in Phoenix, but as he tells CNN, he is now seeing signs of his business decline and at times when his restaurant would be fairly full, he only sees empty tables and no people in sight.
Healso said that street traffic in this mostly Hispanic area of Phoenix is now lighter, and other business owners in the area are noticing the same.

I think they're afraid of being out on the streetsknowing they're going to get pulled over by the sheriff," says Manrique, a Mexican-born U.S. citizen who has lived in Phoenix since the 1990s. "A lot of people told me they're afraid to go out eventhough the law's not fully passed.

It has not even been a week since the bill was signed in Arizona, but since then there have been protests and many speaking out against the bill, fearing it willonly ignite other states to pass the same legislation. There has also been praise of the bill however.
Arizona is now fighting to keep the bill alive and if it passes all the next legal steps, it couldgo in to effect as early as August 2010.
Manrique said that he noticed a decline in population in his area last Friday when the bill was signed.

"The streets just went empty. Usually on Friday,Saturday and Sunday, we're packed. But this weekend was empty like I'd never seen it before,"

Jose Riva owns a bodega and although he says all his employees are in the United States legally, he...
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