Arrow to the heart

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Arrow to the Heart

Summary (150 to 300 words)
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|This article isabout two hunters, father and son, that used to go hunting every year to the same spot as a tradition. This was |
|the first time they went hunting after Ron Sr.’s recovery from the injury to his arm.The son wanted to help his father hunt an |
|elk, because he never had the opportunity to do it. So, they dressed in full camouflage and wore elk scent. |
|An elk was close to them and the father was waiting steps away ready to shoot. Suddenly, theelk got spook and veered away, Ron |
|Jr. didn’t understand what happened until he stood up and turned around, and found a male grizzly bear. This kind of bears |
|rarely attack humans, butthey are very predatory toward elk. |
|Ron Jr. began running for his life. There was no time to think things through or to be scared. Ron Sr. forgot about the danger |
|and the injury to his arm andtook his bow, aimed, and took the shot. Then the bear was on top of his son, he rolled on his back|
|and tried to use his arms to protect his face, the bear was biting into his arm, hand and back....
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