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Have you ever woken up in a cold and dirty street? Have you ever wanted to be in another person´s shoes? Life in the streets is not easy, and it is even worse when youneed to get hard situations over in a tough environment. There exist many people who do illegal things to survive in violent surrounding conditions.
It was not easy to survive in the streets of a bigcity, and things were not quite good for three young boys in the ghetto. In addition, they did not study, work, nor practice another sport besides stray basket ball. Their names were Leon, Lloyd andKurts, three guys who quit school at an early age. They couldn´t have a stable job in 2005 in Chicago, Illinois; moreover, these guys didn´t have neither goals nor dreams besides having money foreating at least a piece of bread.
These teenagers learned to do illegal things to have money to feed their families. Lloyd, Leon and Kurts discovered that selling stolen things was easy and convenient.In the same way, Leon, a 19-year-old boy, started to sell illicit substances I many neighborhoods. Lloyd and Kurts hesitated; in contrast, they noted their friend was earning a higher quantity ofmoney. As a consequence, these young 17-year-old boys decided to join the drug dealing group.
Three months after selling drugs The Chicago Police Department caught Kurts, Leon, and trading drugs up intheir neighborhood. An officer named Dant Stands was riding on his patrol around Hyde Park neighborhood on E 56th Street and then he saw Kurts with their hands in the pockets and with a shiftybehavior next to Lloyd and Leon. The officer decided to pull his patrol over and check what was happening there. The three scared and surprised teenagers ran through their neighbors’ houses and yardspassing fences and trying to escape away. In contrast, they were trapped by the Cops with illicit substances such as marihuana, cocaine and pills.
The three friends were judged for carrying drugs and...
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