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Art to the activity and the product by means of which the express human being ideas, emotions or, in general, a vision of the world, to traverse of diverse resources; like plastics, linguistic,sonorous or mixed. The art expresses perceptions and sensations that have the human beings who are not explicable otherwise.
The Beautiful Arts
First it is architecture
Second is dance
Third it issculpture
Quarter is music
Fifth it is painting
Sixth it is poetry and (Literature)
Seventh it is cinematography.
Eighth is it photographs,
Ninth it is comic strip
At the end of centuryXV, during Renaissance Italian, the distinction is made for the first time between craftsmen and the artists (crafts and beautiful arts) and, equivalent, between craftsman (producing of multipleworks), and artist (creative of unique works). It is also in this period when an own language is elaborated to differentiate the outer form from the formal representation, being classified the liberal arts(present the beautiful arts) in three offices: architects, sculptors and painters.
The artist acquires his own dominion of technique and its intellectual artistic development to arrive at the wayfrom professionalism.
In the art, one art work she is one creation, as a musical composition, a book, a film, an engraving, a sculpture or a painting, that have been made with the purpose of eitherbeing an object of beauty in itself or a symbolic expression or the representation of a certain concept. The opposed thing is a practical or useful object, although it can well happen that an object isboth things at the same time.
Another one of the characteristics that occur in the artistic phenomenon is the own faculty of the artist to carry out its great talent del that it was conceived, intheory, the concept to create. With this the artist presents his personality defining with his methods the term aesthetic, thus showing his interests towards good and the bad thing, ugly and the pretty...
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