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Innovation in the Federal Government
This time of the year, from July to September, is the busiest time for the Federal Government as it looks to secure the contracts it needs to fill. In the recent issue of Business 2.0, there was a one-pager on how to get a federal government contract. The process is notas simple as laid out in Business 2.0, however the need to be in the CCR database was accurate. Being on the GSA schedule is not a must, however it's a huge benefit for doing business with the Government. If you are innovative, then you may want to offer the Federal Government your innovative thinking, processes, services etc under a government contract.

Posted by spierce at 06:21 AM June 28,2006

Biodiesel - Another Agricultural Innovation?
Making biodiesel from soybean oil is just as much of an interesting innovation as is ethanol from corn. When you consider that scientific research confirms that biodiesel exhaust has a less harmful impact on human health than petroleum diesel fuel and that inclusion of biodiesel in on-road diesel fuel at a level of 1% for lubricity purposeswould add more than $900 million to gross farm income while decreasing federal outlays under the soybean marketing loan program in similar amounts... if you don't have innovation, at the very least, this is one heck of an opportunity.

Posted by spierce at 08:50 PM June 27, 2006

Hoodia Diet Pill - A Cactus Innovation?
This may be a silly question just as much as an interesting question,depending on your perspective. However, I'll ask it anyway. By comparison, which is more innovative? Ethanol (from corn) or hoodia (from cactus).

The hoodia pill is raging through the weight loss industry just as ethanol is raging through the agricultural and natural resource industry. Certainly the development of hoodia is a creative use of the prorperties from cactus. However, would you cross itover to being innovative? Is hoodia breakthrough?

Posted by spierce at 03:33 PM March 02, 2006

Applied Innovation: Creating an Environment for Best Innovation Practices
Description: Applied Innovation ensures that a company puts innovation into practice and makes it part of its working strategy of success. Innovation practices determine an organization’s success on the world economic stage.Linked inextricably to creativity, innovation points to the development of innovative goods and services that meet or anticipate demands in the marketplace. Innovation doesn’t just happen randomly in an organization. It is the product of careful nurturing, detailed implementation strategies and measurement processes designed to enhance and foster those factors, both intrinsic and external, thatgovern the process of innovation. These practices come under the aegis of applied innovation. Applied innovation requires several factors to ensure its viability within an organization. First a culture of innovation must be cultivated where the climate not only actively supports innovation but also is positively conducive to that innovation. This necessitates leaders who are committed to implementingand applying innovation techniques throughout all levels of the organization. By their actions, vision and values, these leaders demonstrate the importance of making innovation part of the workplace ethos. As part of the leadership vision, implementation platforms are put in place that facilitate innovation in those areas where it is desirable to do so. These platforms provide the processnecessary to achieve the creation of new ideas in a focused framework based on clear communication strategies and supportive leadership. Applied innovation requires an internal environment where there is a free exchange of ideas as part of an informal and formal process, quality supervision, trained management, dedicated teamwork and a built-in system of tangible rewards.

Externally, applied...
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