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CDU680 Quick Installation Windows Mac Linux Ver. CDU680-PCT01

CDU-680DOrA Mobile Broadband USB Modem+DiskTM

Quick Installation Guide

Ver. CDU680-PCT01

©2007 Franklin Wireless, Corp., All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior written approval.


CDU680 Quick Installation Windows Mac Linux Ver. CDU680-PCT01

Setup for Windows® PC Users
For Windows®2000, XP, Vista users only, Mac users please skip to “Setup for Mac Users”
Before connecting your PC or laptop to your service provider for Mobile Broadband Data Service, you must first install the Connection Manager software on your PC or laptop.

Connection Manager Software Installation (for Windows® 2000, XP, Vista users only)
1. Insert the CDU-680 USB Modem+DiskTM into an USB slot on yourPC. The device will be shown as a removable storage on your computer. Go to the correct directory below to locate the installation files. Now please double-click on “Setup.exe” file to start.

2. This will automatically launch the InstallShield® Wizard which will guide you through the rest of the setup process. 3. Click ‘Next’ to install the software into the default destination. To install toa different folder click ‘Browse’ and select destination folder. 4. Make sure to select both Device Driver and Modem Manager UI, click ‘Next’. 5. Click “install” and wait for Installation to complete. 6. Wait for your PC to reboot. You may need to restart your PC manually by selecting Start>Shutdown>Restart.


CDU680 Quick Installation Windows Mac Linux Ver. CDU680-PCT01

Starting a DataSession
1. Double-click the Mobile Broadband (CDU680) Connection Manager software icon Windows® desktop to launch the application. on your

You will see this user interface below appears:

2. Now your Franklin CDU-680 USB Card has to be inserted into one of the available USB slots on your computer. Once it is detected, the screen on the Connection Manager will start to change. will go througha series of tasks to prepare the modem for a data session, these include: i. Initializing the modem The modem

ii. Checking the connection iii. Searching for service

3. Once the modem completes the above tasks, which may take a few minutes, the window in the user interface will show: “Disconnected” indicating the modem is ready to connect to the Data Service. If the signal is low or does notexist at all, move to a different location to achieve the best signal condition in your area. 3

CDU680 Quick Installation Windows Mac Linux Ver. CDU680-PCT01

4. From here, click “Go” to start a data session. interface, the icon:

Click the minimize

button to minimize the user To display the

will appear in the System Tray on the right side of the Task Bar. in the System Tray.user interface again, click the icon:

Ending a Data Session
To end a data session, click the “Stop” button on the user interface. Close the Connection Manager window by clicking . It is now safe to remove the USB Card from your computer.


CDU680 Quick Installation Windows Mac Linux Ver. CDU680-PCT01

Setup for Mac Users
Connection Manager Software Installation for Mac Users
Insertyour Mobile Broadband USB modem into any available USB port, and wait for the USB device icon

to appear on your desktop. Click on the icon to open the USB storage, and select the Macintosh directory.

Double-click on the “Modem Installer.110a28” folder

Double-click on the “Modem Installer” package to install your Connection Manager, a series of installation windows will pop up and guide youthrough the process.


CDU680 Quick Installation Windows Mac Linux Ver. CDU680-PCT01

The software installation will start after you click Continue in the above window and Install in the next. When done, the Mac will prompt you to restart your computer to finish your installation.

Launching the Connection Manager
Insert your USB Modem into any available USB port. modem icon After the...
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