As time goes by

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As Time Goes By
Level 4 Retold by John Mahood Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter

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page Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Goodbye Casablanca Roses and Guns London Calling Plans for Prague Mixed Messages Ready for Prague The Executioner Marriage and Love Appointments inPrague v 1 5 11 15 25 29 33 38 42 47 53 57 67 71

Chapter 10 Eight Dead in New York Chapter 11 Walls Have Ears Chapter 12 Goodbye Prague Chapter 13 Hello Casablanca Activities

On that last December night in 1941, Casablanca airport was dark and full of recent memories. This story begins where the movie, Casablanca, ends. The Moroccan city was, at that time, famous for itsvisitors. These included criminals, but also people who wanted to escape from the Germans. The lucky ones were able to get documents that allowed them to travel to Lisbon, and from there to America. Victor Laszlo and his wife, Ilsa, have just left for Lisbon to join the fight for the freedom of Europe. Three men are at the airport. Rick Blaine is an American club owner. He has had a love affair with Ilsa,and he has just shot a German officer to help her on her way. Sam Waters is an American pianist who works for Rick. Captain Louis Renault is chief of the French police in Casablanca. Louis's loyalties have often been convenient, but now all three of them are ready, like Victor and Ilsa, to leave Morocco. This book also tells the story of Ricks past. In New York in the 1930s, he lived in a violentworld of guns and gangsters, and there he met Lois, the first love of his life. Michael Walsh, the writer of As Time Goes By, wrote about music for Time magazine for sixteen years before he became a professor of journalism. As Time Goes By is his second work of fiction. Michael Walsh was interested in the past and the future of the characters in Casablanca, and he tells a very exciting story.v

Casablanca airport was dark and full of recent memories.

Chapter 1

Goodbye Casablanca

The smoke from the gun had cleared, but the fog had not. The noise of the police cars disappeared, and the silence between the two men was interrupted only by the sound of the wind. On that last December night in 1941, Casablanca airport was dark and full of recent memories. Although Louis was inhis usual unsure state of mind, the tall, thin, hard-faced American felt a new and strange sense of calm and certainty about what he had just done and what he was going to do. Rick had shot the German officer, Major Strasser, to make sure that Victor and Ilsa boarded the airplane to Portugal. Now he was going to follow them to join the European resistance against the Germans. Captain Louis...
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