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Choose the right pronoun
1. "Is he marrying Leila?" 
"Yes, he is in love with her !".

2. "Your son is making a lot of noise!"
"I'll ask him to be quiet."

3. "Please will you ask Robert to come in."
"Sorry, I don't know him ."

4. "Where are my glasses?"
"You are wearing them ."

5. "Do you like apples?"
"I love them ."

6. "Why is he always talking about Liza?""He obviously likes her ."

7. "Where is my book? Oh, dear! I've lost it ."

8. "Is that Nancy's new boyfriend?"
"Don't ask me, ask her ."

9. "What is the title of that article?"
"I'm afraid I can't remember it ."

10. "Look at John! He seems so happy?"
"His friends offered him a guitar for his birthday!"

11. "What are you going to do with those old papers?"
"I'mgoing to recycle them ."

12. "Let's see the latest Spielberg movie!"
"I have already seen it !."

13. "How are your kids? I haven't met them for ages!"

14. "Have you met Alan and Tim?"
"No, I have never met them ."

15. "Do you want this book?"
"Well, take it ."

16. "My mother is fantastic! I like her very much."

17. "Don't help me with this exercise! Ican do it by myself."

18. "This fruit is poisoned! Don't eat it ."

19. "Take the children to bed. Don't let them watch this movie. "

20. "Why is she helping John?"
"She probably loves him ."
Your score is: 100 %

EXCELLENT! You got the TOP score!!!

Choose the correct question words.
1. Where do you live?
2. who 's that girl?
3. How do you go to school?
4.When do banks open?
5. Why are you wearing that coat?
Write questions about the words in bold.
1. They went to Spain. - Where did they go?
2. He writes novels. - What does he write?
3. Lacy likes soccer. - Who likes soccer ?
4. The girls watched a serial. - What did the girl watch?
5. He discovered the truth. - What did he discover?
Your score is: 80 %

Choose thecorrect definite or indefinite article: "the", "a", "an" or "x" (zero article) .
1. I bought a pair of shoes.
2. I saw a a movie last night.
3. They are staying at ahotel.
4. I think the man over there is unfriendly.
5. I do not like the basketball.
6. That is a problem I told you about.
7. The night is quiet. Let us take a walk!
8. The price of gas keeps rising.
9.John traveled to XMexico.
10. Juan is X Spanish.
11. I read an amazing story.
12. My brother does not eat X chicken.
13. the love is such. a beautiful thing.
14. I live in an apartment. The apartment is new.
15. I would like a piece of cake.
16. I was in a Japanese restarant. The restaurant served good food.
17. Sara can play a guitar.
Your score is: 90 %

Choosethe correct form of the following verbs:
wake(s) up - open(s) - speak(s) - take(s) - do(es) - cause(s) - live(s) - play(s) - close(s) - live(s) |
1. Ann plays hand ball very well.
2. I never take coffee.
3. The swimming pool opens at 7:00 in the morning.
4. It closes at 9:00 in the evening.
5. Bad driving cuases many accidents.
6. My parents live in a very small flat.7. The Olympic Games take place every four years.
8. They are good students. They always do their homework.
9. My students speak a little English.
10. I always wake up up early in the morning.
Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form:
1. Jane (not/drink) does not drink / doesn't drink tea very often.
2. What time (the banks/open) does the bank open in Britain?3. Where (John/come) does John come from?
4. It (take) takes me an hour to get to work.
5. She (not/wake up) doesn't wake up early on Sundays.
Choose the right verbs to complete the sentences. Sometimes you need the negative:
write - turn - eat - tell - rise |
1. The earth turns around the sun.
2. The sun rises in the east.
3. Vegetarians do not eat / don't eat meat.
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