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THE 3RD CHINA ASPHALT CONGRESS Suitable Construction Technology and Quality Manangement

Research on Evaluation Index of Pavement Performance of Midified Asphalt Concrete

Wang Song-gen, Bi Yu-feng (Department highway of Shandong province, Shandong, Jinan, 250002)

Abstract This article introduces the history of modified asphalt concrete. Using four polymer to modify the asphalt which areSBS, PE, EVA and waste rubber powder. In order to learn these asphalt’s performance, research is processed which are conventional test

method and SHRP test method. Then put forward these two method’s difference from the following sides: high temperature stability, low temperature stability and durability. And then analysis the economical index of modified asphalt concrete. Further more analysisthese 5 kinds asphalt concrete’s pavement performance. At last introduced the Mac asphalt’s performance and its development in Shandong province.

Key words: Modified asphalt concrete, Conventional asphalt test method, SHRP asphalt test method, asphalt concrete, index, Pavement performance, Evaluation index Economical

Mac modified asphalt concrete


THE 3RD CHINA ASPHALT CONGRESSSuitable Construction Technology and Quality Manangement

Discuss the inner cause of asphalt’s influence on SBS modified asphalt’s performance
Pang Chuan-qin1 , Bi Yu-feng2 (1: Department of civil engineering of Shandong jiaotong university, JiNan, 250023; 2: Department of highway of Shandong Province, JiNan, 250002)

Abstract: Introduced the SBS modified asphalt’s inbeing characteristics studiedthe interaction between different content of petroleum asphaltenes and SBS additive and discovered the cause of SBS modified asphalt’s deposited stability. From the study by others we analysis the inner cause of phenomena of our study which some performance don’t have any diversity such as R D when SBS additive’s content is

7% to 10%. At last consult on the Shell’s study result we know thefactors which influence the performance of asphalt.

Key words: SBS modified asphalt appearance transform content of modified additive influence factors performance of asphalt


THE 3RD CHINA ASPHALT CONGRESS Suitable Construction Technology and Quality Manangement

Study on the Pavement Mending Technique with LB Bitumen for Cold mix-coat
Yan Xili1 Li Jinyong2 Jin Xiaoqing3 (1. Departmentof Communications / Sichuan Province, 2.Sichuan Highway Science & Technology Co.LTD, Chengdu 610041; 3.Chang′an University, Xi’an 710064)

Abstract This paper has introduced a new asphalt material: LB asphalt, which has been developed for the pavement mending and may be used all-year in cold mix and cold coat. Aiming at the usual damage of pavement, such as rotting, pitting etc., and accordingto many test results obtained in laboratory and in place, this paper has analyzed the pavement mending performance of LB asphalt series and its mixtures, presented a easy-practical operation procedure for the pavement maintenance. An application of this technique shows that, by using LB asphalt series, the pavement mending can be realized in cold mix and cold coat and with a ideal effect, and thatit merits to be largely applied.

Key words Pavement damage, Maintenance, LB asphalt, LB mixtures, LB mending technique.


THE 3RD CHINA ASPHALT CONGRESS Suitable Construction Technology and Quality Manangement

Distress Analysis and Countermeasure on City Bituminous Pavement

LIU Yuan-cai

ZHU De-bin

(Southwest Forestry College, Kunming 650224,China)

Abstract Based on thepractice of bituminous pavement construction and maintenance in Kunming city, analyze and discuss the main reasons that cause bituminous pavement distress, put out the methods that reduce bituminous pavement distress.

Key words: city road; bituminous pavement; maintenance; distress


THE 3RD CHINA ASPHALT CONGRESS Suitable Construction Technology and Quality Manangement

Study on the...
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