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* WhyKaty??
i chose Katy because she is different from other artists because her songs are more meaning ful and because she has a special talent of communicating withher audience that we all admire. i also chose Katy because i love her style of clothing. What she wears is colorful and fun.
* What type of music does she sing...Katy Perry sings pop, rock, dance and Gospel genres of music. Katy Perry writes much of her own songs, so all the material is her original and very much her own flavor¿Qué tipo de música le cantan ... Katy Perry canta pop, rock, dance y géneros de la música Gospel. Katy Perry escribe gran parte de sus propias canciones, así quetodo el material es su original y muy a su sabor propio.
Early Life of Katy Perry
Katy Perry was born on the 25 th of October 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Katyhas twoo ther siblings. She has a sister named Angela Hudson and a brother named David Hudson.
At seventeen Katy left her home for LosAngeles, where she worked withGlen Ballard, on an album for Island Records.
Katy’s birth name is Kathryn Hudson, Katy Perry is just her stage name so that people can notice her. As a teenager Katywas influenced by church music because her father is a pastor. Katy Perry took singing lessons at the age of nine!!

.Katy Perry’s documentary ‘A Part of Me‘will be released in American cinemas in June! So not long for New Zealand fans to wait! Katy Perry is working on ‘The Smurfs 2’!! She is the voice of Smurfette!!
Her mosfamus sings …
Part of me
Wide awekke
Teenage dreem
The one that got away
Las Friday night
I kissed a girl
Hont cold
California girls
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