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Nov. 16, 2010

Mr. Parvez Mohaiven

Dear Mr. Parvez:

I am writing you concerning the outcome of all the proceedings in connection with the Incorporation of the company and yourDominican Residence application.

This is to inform you about the status of both:

The company name has been registered and the publication required as well. All fees have been paid.
To continue withthe incorporation proceedings, I have made the Company’s Statutes that are required before the Assembly Meeting. The way this is normally done, is by actually gathering all members in a meeting as tocelebrate the elections of the founding Board of Directors and for the approval of the statutes as well. For this, a Notary Public have to be present as to issue the Act of the Incorporation Assemblyonce is done. (The Statutes, the Act of Incorporation and the Notary Seal will be done in a fashion that best suits your needs).

First: I will send you via Facsimile, the Act of the IncorporationAssembly, undated and unsigned, so you and your business partner can sign it and return it right back to me, so the Notary Public signs it as well.

Second: Once that step is done, the Statutes, TheAct of the Incorporation Assembly, the Name Registration and all required information pertaining the Incorporation will be filed for processing along with all required fees. This may take 30 to 60days, before the resolution is granted for the incorporation, the company’s registration before the chamber of commerce and the Number to identify the same before the Internal Revenue will be requested,and the fees paid for that matter.

The cost for the Incorporation is ……………………………………. 38,000.00 (+-) US$1,000.00
Now, the Dominican Residence proceedings, as you may be aware of, the requiredsteps must be taken, and to complete the documentation needed to be filed with the Immigration Office, you must send:

A Police Report from your country of origin
Certificate of Citizenship from...
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