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Australia | General Aspects Australia (officially, in English, Commonwealth of Australia '': Commonwealth of Australia) is a country located in the southern hemisphere, which occupies the entire mainland of Oceania, the smallest continent of the world, plus some islands in the Pacific , Indian and Antarctic. The countries closest to Australia are Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to thenorth, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the French dependency of New Caledonia to the northeast, and New Zealand to the southeast. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Its capital, Canberra, is located in the Australian Capital Territory. The population in 2006 was about 20.6 million inhabitants, mainly concentrated in large coastal cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, PerthAdelaide. and The Australian mainland has been inhabited for more than forty-two thousand years by Australian aborigines. The Solomon Island are the best tourist destinations, but for the surfers the best beach for practice the Water Surfing is Snapper Rocks Gold Coast – Geelong. The culture & habits-traditions

Each city in Australia has different habits of the other due to difference in geographicallocation and colonization. For example, Melbourne is a city without a beach, for despite the sea near the side with the sea is used as a port. The first beach is good in the neighborhood of St.Kilda, to about 20 km from the center. Therefore, the inhabitants of Melbourne is not connected to the sea and Sydney, Gold Coast or Perth. In Melbourne, people are more dedicated to work and earn money,and as a pastime weekend, they go to the parks to picnic, play cricket, rugby or golf. Of course there are people connected to water sports like Kite Surf Surf or own more distant beaches. Eating out and going to the mall when an activity is done for 9 in 10 Melbournianos. Similar thing happens in Brisbane, where the cities of Gold and Sunshine Coast beaches are closer, are the 1 hour away. Incities with beaches, lifestyle and habits of the population are completely different. Adelaide, Sydney and Tasmania, can suffer winters with temperatures near zero degrees early morning and this prevents many outdoor activities are done. Already in cities in Queensland, Perth and Sydney, most people have habits much more relaxed and not run for silver (except Sydney which is also sometimes called RatRace, or race mice). Australians once had a record of working 9 to 5 pm, more that no longer applies to almost anyone except the government Orgãos. The vast majority of people wake up soon, and many companies started service at 7 am and end there by 5 pm. In return, if not on a weekend or a special day, people go to bed early, no more than 10 pm. Just take to the streets after 9 pm that sometimesit is virtually deserted.

Australians also once had as a breakfast habit more slowly and reinforced with eggs, bacon, potatoes, cereal and juice, but now many people leave home in the raid and just eating a Meat Pie (meat pie moída) in the street, accompanied by a juice packet. In Chagas work, the first thing is to take a large cup of coffee (watery) or tea with milk drip. In the snack (nolunch in Australia) a sanduiches, sushi, chips or crackers in packs, fast food, or anything else fast is going well, mainly by the fact that most workers have only 30 minutes to snack. At the dinner is to eat right, still they are increasingly using pre-existing food bought in supermarkets. The work and household chores of an Australian are so many that every time in less time for leisure, exceptweekends. These are also becoming partial data to the numbers of people working in more than one job or work also on weekends. On Sunday the official day is still devoted to the family. Or will the beach, the mall, takes care of the garden of the home, improvements made in the said, takes care of the car and appear religious churches. Domingo is also attending day cricket and rugby games on TV, plus...
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