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Hillsong Kids:
Follow You (2008)

01-Follow You
02-Take it all
03-Spining around
04-Trust & obey
05-I'm so glad-You are her (the same power)
06-There is notting better
07-Giving everything
08-Jesus you care
10-All of the world
11-You are good
12-Shout your fame
13-Love never fails

By Your Side01-My redeemer lives
02-Great in power
03-I feel like i'm falling
04-Your unfaling love
05-Dwelling places
06-What the lord has done in me
07-Sing of your great love
08-By your side
09-In freedom
10-You said
12-Eagle's wings
13-Free to dance
14-This is how we overcome

Hillsong United:

Tear Down The Walls01-Freedom is here
02-No reason to hide
03-More than anything
04-King of all days
05-Desert song
06-Oh Your Bring
07-Tear down the walls
09-You hold me now
10-Arms open wide
11-Your name high
12-Yours forever

With the hearts as one:

CD 1
01-Time has come
02-One way
03-What the world will never take04-'till i see you
05-Take all of me
06-The stand
07-You'll come
08-Break free
09-Look to you
10-Where the love lasts forever
12-There is notting like
13-Tell the world
14-All day

CD 2
01-Take it all
02-My future decided
03-All i need is you
04-Mighty to save
05-Notting but the blood
07-Fuego de Dios (fire fall down)
08-Shout unto god09-Salvation is here
10-Love enough
11-More than life
12-None but Jesus
13-From the inside out
14-Came to my rescue
15-Saviour King

Faith + Hope + Love

02-For your name
04-It's your love
05-I will exalt you
07-No reason to hide
08-God one and only
09-The wonder of your love
10-Hisglory appears
11-We the redeemed
12-We will see him
13-You hold me now

You'll come EP

01-You'll come
02-Follow the son
04-Across the earth
05-This is our god
06-You are faithful
07-Alive in you

All things are possible

01-All things are possible
02-Shelter house03-People get free
04-Love you so much
05-I live to know you
06-In your hands
07-Lord of all
08-Before the trhone
09-Can't stop talking
10-the love of god can do
11-Know it
12-glory to the king
13-your love
14-so you wolud come
15-All things are possible (reprise)

Amazing love

02-Every time
03-Greatis the lord
05-Trust in you
06-Do what you say
07-Thirst for you
08-Reason i love
10-Jesus wont it all
11-Amazing love

Hillsong Australia

Shout To The Lord

01-Let the peace of god reign
02-I belive the presence
03-People just like us
04-Jesus, Jesus
05-I will never be
06-Jesus, lover of mysoul
07-Show me your ways
08-All the power you need
09-Power of your love
10-This kingdom
11-Father of creation
12-Shout to the lord

People Just Like Us

02-People just like us
03-Father of lights
04-In the name of the lord
05-You rescued me
06-The power and the glory
07-Have faith in god
08-Your love keepsfollowing me
09-I just want to praise the lord
10-Longin' for you touch
11-In the silence
12-Just let me say
13-Shout to the lord


01-Simply worship
02-Hear our prayer
03-No more than a heartbeat
05-You're in my heart
06-Jesus, our lord Jesus
07-Let your kingdom come
09-Keep falling...
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