Back to the xviii century

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Back to the XVIII Century.
Save our planet!!

“What turns out to be really unconfortable today is, to claim that the world burns because of the big oil multinationals wrong doings, to ventureclimatic catastrophes because of the globalization demon or compare the climatic change victims with those caused by terrorism.” Jorge Alcalde, La Ilustracion Liberal

As we all know, our planet hasundergone drastic changes in its atmosphere this last decade. These changes are having a devastating effect on our world. According to experts on the field, human action through the times has been thegreatest problem among them all. This terrible fact has led me to stop first at the XVIII century, if time travel would be possible.

My destiny, no doubt, would be the England of 1740’s, just whenthe upcoming industrial revolution started. The main purpose would be to alert people from the beginning, stopping the dreadful use of our planet, attacking the global warming problem just from itsbeginnings.

The Industrial Revolution was the result of many fundamental, interrelated changes that transformed agricultural economies into industrial ones. The most immediate changes were in thenature of production: what was produced, where and how. Goods that had traditionally been made at home or in small workshops began to be serially manufactured at factories. This fact meant a dramaticalchange for the world and the society.

It began with the Industrial Revolution and continued with its relative the Second Industrial Revolution (1850-1920) and the greed and control of the oilsderived energy. Nowadays we have modern renewable energy systems (solar panels, wind mills) that are environmentally friendly. However to reach to this point, the production of energy has undergonethrough a process that has been terrible for the planet. Fortunately it is not all done yet and it is in our own hands to stop it.

It is then obvious the need to return to this point in time if...
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