Bah porqueria trato resena

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Somehow it all seemed to fit.

y face was all covered in sweat as I ran with no idea of where I was headed. All I could think off was this sense of horror that washed over me. Fear of looking back, fear of stop running, fear of not being able to outrun… Outrun what? I didn’t even know what was I running away from. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to look behind me. There was absolutelyno curiosity in my mind, I didn’t even cared of it. I just wanted to run, run and get away from this terrifying feeling as soon as I could.

“Stop it!” I yelled out while running. There was no other response than a sinister laughter, a voice too rough to be coming from a woman. It echoed against my brain, pounding it. I didn’t think I could be more afraid than I already was, turned out I waswrong. My begging only increased my fear and made no effect on what tried to hunt me.

I had no idea where I was, this many tall buildings weren’t from anywhere that I‘d been, not that I remember. Too many alleys, too many streets, too many people. They all stared at me as if I was some kind of madman, while the real madman was the one chasing me.

I gasped for air in every step I took.Exhaustion was beating me, I don’t know how long I’ve been running but it felt like hours. Just find a place to hide. I thought. But where? I kept running, keeping an eye of somewhere to enter and hide. Not far away was a dark alley, the sun was in my favor here. Quickly, I slid myself in to crouch hide behind some boxes and pieces of scrap metal. My breath was still accelerated.

Please go.Please go. Please go. Please go! I repeated myself again and again in my head, begging for my wish to come true.

I heard footsteps approaching, they where heavy, meant to be heard. I cringed after each one of them. Could it be really my follower, my hunter? I could hear them closer. Fear stung every pore in my body. I felt like being pierced by thousands of blades, the pain was practically real. Ashe approached slowly - I could tell by the rhythm of the footsteps - my heart got heavier. Is it really over?

“I have been watching you for some time, kid.” Said the man in a rough and polite voice, I still couldn’t see his face. How can he be so calm while he’s going to kill me? “So many fears inside one person is not normal, you were not meant to be alive, you were not meant to be human.”He was inside the alley now. I had only seconds before the end.

“This will just hurt a little.” He chuckled. He was now about 5 feet from me, I whimpered in fear. Less than ten seconds. I could hear his breath now. Fear was no longer part of me, just resignation. I stood up to see the man that was taking my life away from me. Shocked, I stepped back. There was no face to look at, just a darkshadow of a man. I started laughing, laughing at myself. How pitiful, I couldn’t even see the face of my own killer.

Suddenly, all the sounds stopped. Mere silence filled the atmosphere while it all turned to extreme coldness. The shadow crystallized, cracking up while the same laughter as before ended the silence. Finally the shadow broke into hundreds of pieces, and so did I.

* * *I gasped for air while I jumped in my bed, waking up from the same dream as always. Covered in sweat, just like in the dream, I tried to steady myself. Did I screamed this time too? I hope not. Mom said once more and she was going to take me to a counselor. I thought to myself.

I was starting to wonder myself why always the same dream. Not exactly the same, just the plot, running away from ashadow. It’s happened in different places; cities, deserts, beaches, towns, even underwater. Everywhere the same thing.

I started breathing slowly, trying to steady myself. These dreams had been happening every night for the past month. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something. Maybe not. I stood up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and stuff. The bathroom was right inside my...
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