Balance scorecard

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Balance Scorecard
Fast Food Restaurant

1.0 What is Balance Scorecard?
Tool that facilitates the implementation of business strategy in an efficient manner, providing the framework, structure and appropriate language to communicate the strategy objectives into four perspectives:
Finance, customers, internal process and learning and growth.
For employees to focus on achieving the objectivesof the company for its success.

1.1 Characteristics
-It helps the decision making process if there is any error, in order to make the right decision.
-Help implement the corporate strategies.
-Only contains the information necessary for proper interpretation of trends and developments.
For the preparation of a balance scorecard is recommended to take into account the followinginformation
It is required for the implementation of corporate strategy across the enterprise. If done properly grows into a management model.
Depending on where the company is going to start performing. It may be because the size and location of the company, the activities that will cover the balance scorecard can be taken into account:
For smaller companies create a balance scorecard for theentire organization.
Larger companies: start with one or two projects, being the chosen unit employees who wish to participate.

It can be deployed at any time, even in times of crisis may be appropriate as it tries to tell the staff you need to do to meet the objective of the company.
Their development begins with the realization of the vision and strategic objectives of the company and hence abreakdown of the balance scorecard.
You must get the largest number of employees involved in implementing this, with the passage of time should ensure that the number of employees involved increases.

1.2 Steps for processing

2.1 Our company

2.1.1 Vision and Mission
Our Vision
-Delight our customers with the best hot-dogs and ¨market¨ a range of health supplements and exquisitetaste, taking into account our employees as the pioneers of the company.
Our Values
-Respect, tolerance, honesty, integrity, leadership.

Our Mission
-Serve hot and delicious food quickly in a clean restaurant with excellent service and low price.
2.1.2 Internal and External analysis
For the analysis using different methods, such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) ofa company.
Internal Analysis
-Strengths: We have the fastest service in Monterrey hot dogs with a wide range of ingredients to how to innovate.
Unlike the competition we do the dishes as customer tastes and we have an excellent service and facilities.
We have low prices, attracting customers, managing quality products.
Because we have agreed different types of ingredients and the speed ofour service is easier to conclude with a sale.
-Weaknesses: One of our weaknesses is that there are now many competitors.
Avoid giving employees a bad treatment of customers, so they do not give a bad reputation of our business.
It should be enough to motivate staff to provide good service.
External Analysis
-Opportunities: Our Company faces good growth opportunities because, well establishedcompanies with quality, there is no time.
Since there is a crisis in the country, with our low prices and promotions can make a big impact on consumers.
Thanks to technology can create new production lines in order to provide faster service.
According to the lifestyles of Monterrey, you need a fast service because they do not have enough time to enjoy a meal.
- Threats: The competitors arebringing out extremely economic developments, and this can be a major threat to our company.
2.1.3 Identification of key success factors, the organization
The critical factors for our company successful
* Quick service
* Cheap prices
* Small menu with different ingredients
* Large Place

2.1.4 Cause- Effect relationships between factors

Increase shareholder value

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