Barcoding & Epc

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Barcoding & EPC

What is GS1
• GS1 is an international not-for-profit association with Member Organizations in over 100 countries. • Is dedicated to the design and implementation of global standardsand solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across sectors. • The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain standards system inthe world. Allowing companies to uniquely identify their products & services • GS1 systems enable trading partners to smoothly exchange information electronically

GS1 Offer
• GS1 Barcodes
– Globallyrecognized GS1 Identification Keys to automatically identify things such as trade items, locations, logistic units, and assets. Combines RFID , network infrastructure and the Electronic Product Codeto enable immediate and automatic identification and tracking of an item through the whole supply chain globally, resulting in improved efficiency and visibility of the supply chain. Standards forelectronic business messaging that allow rapid, efficient and accurate automatic electronic transmission of agreed business data between trading partners The Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN™)is an automated, standards-based, global environment that enables secure and continuous data synchronization , allowing all partners to have consistent item .

GS1 EPCglobal

GS1 eCom


What is a Barcode
• Optical, machine readable representation of data. • Can be linear or 2D. • About 100 diferent types.

What is EPC
• The EPC is a unique number that is used to identifya specific item in the supply chain. The EPC is stored on a RFID tag • Once the EPC is retrieved from the tag, it can be associated with the data held in a secured database. Much like a global tradeitem number (GTIN) on the barcode. • Several major retailers and product manufacturers are testing EPC technology as a way to improve supply chain management. • An EPC is a way to uniquely identify a...
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