Being a woman

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STUDENT: Quesada, Norma Nieves


TEACHER: Saubidet, Stella Maris




"One is not born a woman; one becomes one."
(Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex)

Since an early age, girls areinstructed for being future women. Both parents – but especially mothers – are in charge of teaching them the musts for becoming a good woman. Social roles are also taught at school from the Kindergarten to the election of a career which will accompany them throughout life. After that, men will show the young girlfriends and wives what they want from them. It is undeniable that being a woman hasits advantages. Nevertheless, being a woman is not an easy task by any means.

The characteristic things which will differentiate girls from boys are present since early childhood. The moment girls have hair to be tied up, colourful bows and ribbons will appear above their heads, it does not matter how tight their hair is tied or how painful it could be, they are told they look beautiful so thebeauties are going to endure it stoically – first sign of how much they will have to suffer along their lives in order to look pretty. Moreover, clothes colours are divided into two categories, those that should be used by girls and those who are more masculine, although this is not as strict as it used to be long ago – pink for girls and sky-blue for boys – the remnants still float in the air.Something similar occurs with sports, free time activities and games, among which some are considered more appropriate for girls – volleyball, handball, skating, ballet, painting and drawing, playing dolls. All those differences establish the roles that future women are going to play in the game of life.

As time passes, young girls are reached by adolescence, with all its consequences.
Theirbodies began to change, menstruation is there to accompany then for most of their lives, corporal hair appears everywhere and breasts become larger – this includes the mocking of their male peers and the looks which adult men cannot hide. In addition, the dreaded acne spreads all over their faces forcing them to become skilled in the art of makeup – what also makes the problem worse – to hide whatis so common at that age, but only allowed to men. They are as well fighting a battle against their bodies, trying to be the thinner enough for male glances to be directed elsewhere than their faces, as a ‘good appearance’ is being imposed from the society and the media. With so many physical and hormonal alterations, it is not strange that this stage is also characterized by emotional changes.Of course, it is also during adolescence that these females are expected to develop some virtues in order to become future good women, for instance, selflessness, modesty, politeness, caring, sweetness and lovingness, among others. Awaited merits and the ideal look are part of their striving for acceptance and a direct path to a low self esteem.

Regarding the choice of a career, women alsohave some difficulties to face as the professional world has it own rules. Women are supposed to chose careers as teachers, counsellors, social workers, librarians, laboratory technicians, stewardesses, secretaries, models, fashion designers, missionaries, writers. The list is not short, of course, but limited. Nevertheless, the most typical female role is to stay at home cleaning, cooking, makingbeds and raising children. She is free to choose house decorations, clothes – for her and all her family – appliances and supermarkets. Her husband will never understand why his wife feels empty, incomplete, as if she does not exist; she does not realize how lucky she is, being her own boss and not having to fight to keep her job – who will want it, anyway? – Women opportunities and choices are...
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