Beuaty vs brains

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When you think of the tremendous technological progress we have made, it is amazing how little we have developed in other aspects.Today we may speak contemptuously of poor Victorian women because they had to rely on their beauty to obtain their main objective in life. i.e. getting married. We may despise them for not using theirbrains and not exploiting their potential. We may forgive them condescendingly because they lived years ago in a society where women were not rewarded for being intelligent. But are our feelings ofsuperiority really justified? Are we any less influenced by beauty and appearence? Why are models used for advertisements? Don’t the spectators, expect to see beautiful women?
It’s about timesomeone exploded that old myth about brains being more useful than beauty. The truth is, we live in a superficial society where everything is based on looks and where external appearances are sostressed that the brains of the individual counts almost for nothing. A society where beauty plays a much important role in achieving our goals.
At no point, lets make this clear, are we arguing thatbeauty is more important than brains, all we are saying is, beauty is more useful. It is a crude reality, I know, but we must learn to accept it. People may accuse us of being cynics and even dare toattack us on moral grounds, but unfortunately it does not pay to be an idealist. In this life we need to be practical, face reality and deal with it the best way possible. In this life beauty is moreuseful than brains.
Beauty is that bonus which gets you the job in a situation where everyone has the same qualifications. Beauty is what makes you stand out in a crowd of strangers. Beauty iswhat makes the difference! What is the use of having brains when no one is willing to give you a chance? Beauty at least gets you the oportunity.
Sometimes brains and talent can be completely...
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