Bill Gates

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What’s your name?
My name is William Henry Gates better known as Bill Gates.
When you born?
I was born on October 28th, 1955.
Where you born?
In Seattle, Washington
Are you married?
Yes, withMelinda Gates
Do you have children? How many?
Yes I have 3 children
How old are you?
I’m 57 years old
Where did you course the Junior High School?
I studied at Lakeside, in Seattle at the age of12.
What did you do here?
The school only had one computer, so I had the possibility to interact with it. I learned so fast and I became interest for computers. In fact, I left behind my teacher inonly one week.
Where and when did you go to the University?
I studied in Harvard in 1973. Here I knew my friend Paul Allen, and together we programmed different systems to organizations.
-How isit that you became interested in computing?
Was the inspiration for the home computer; during the sixties, Paul Allen and I learned BASIC, while studying at the Lakeside School in Seattle. It wasbased on a simple language to learn but with features that could use advanced programmers.

-How the operating system was marketed?
Allen and I started Microsoft in 1976. Four years later got acontract to produce and operating system that would work on what became the IBM PC. Microsoft bought the operating system (86-DOS) from Seattle Computer Products, system designed for computers based on the8086 processor.

-How do you feel having launched Windows?
I was happy; because, along with my friends, we achieved what we wanted to achieve companies, making the product is something innovativeand proportionate utility for the people.

-How does it feel to know that your operating system is the most sold and used in the world?
Feels pretty good, because then we can stay in the market andgenerate a lot of revenue for the company.

-How does it feel to know you, Mr. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world?
It fells, because I never crossed his mind to be, but that’s ok....
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