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Alfredo Espino was born in the city of Ahuachapán, at 5:00 pm on 8 January 1900, within marriage of poet and teacher Alfonso Espino and Professor Henrietta Najarro de Espino, both descendants of Guatemalan and Salvadoran families with strong poetic roots, teachers and doctors.

Alfred was the second of a total of nine brothers and sisters, Ruben (1899) and he were born inthe departmental capital of Ahuachapán, while Michelangelo, Hortensia, Aracely, Alfonso, and Adalberto Zelmira came into the world in the city of Santa Ana.

From 1909 to 1914 made his first studies in the family home and the Lyceum Santaneco, led by Salvador Vides. In 1915 the family moved to San Salvador. Testimonials from friends and family remember the teenager modest and simple, untilretiring temperament, fine humourist in privacy and possession of an astonishing memory, which enabled him to repeat verbally complete books.

Furthermore, the sequence of family tradition, he wrote verses, showing their close relatives, whose favorable reactions of shyness caused him such states who spent whole days hidden in the corners of the house.
He leaned from a very young man also by thecultivation of music, painting, cartoon, fairy tale and the writing of sketches, one of which was staged in San Salvador, in August 1928 at the School of declamation and Practice Performing Arts, directed by Gerardo de Nieva.
Member of the group of intellectuals known as the literary rock, was a friend of young writers as Salarrue Quino Case, Julio Enrique Avila, Francisco Miranda Ruano, LilianSerpas, Juan Ulloa and more, all members of the thriving intellectual renewal that Salvadoran time.

Salvador Salazar Arrué
Salvador Salazar Arrue, also known by the pseudonym "Salarrue" is a Salvadoran writer and painter. Born in Sonsonate on 22 October 1899 and died in Renderos Plans (San Salvador) on 27 November 1975. He studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC between 1916 and1919, when he returned to El Salvador. 
 In 1922 he married the Salvadoran painter Lardé Zelie, who bore him three daughters who were also dedicated to the arts: Olga, Aida and Maya. In the late twenties he worked as chief editor in the newspaper Patria, writer and philosopher Salvador Alberto Masferrer. In that paper began to publish one of his most beloved and important works in El Salvador:Tales of kids, like "filler" for pages that were blank, only be published in book form for over thirty years later, in 1961, at the request of the poet, historian and editor Italo Lopez Vallecillos. His house, recovered in 2003 by the National Council for Culture and the Arts in El Salvador (CONCULTURA), now houses The Writer's House, a training project for young writers.
The published works ofSalarrue are: The black Christ (novel, 1926), Lord of The Bubble (novel, 1927), O'Yarkandal (story, 1929), Overcoming the Uluán (story, 1932), Cuentos de barro (story , 1934), The book bare (story, 1936), That and more (story, 1940), Tales of kids (1943 in partial edition, complete edition 1961), Trammel (story, 1954), The Sword and Other Stories ( tale, 1960), The thirst for Sling Bader (novel,1971), Catleya moon (novel, 1974) and World nomasito (poetry, 1975). The first editions of stories of kids were illustrated by his wife, Zelie Lardé, and the following for their daughter Maya. Some editions of the Tales of mud have made ad hoc illustrations by painter Salvador Jose Mejia Vides.

Claudia Lars
Claudia Lars, pseudonym of the Salvadoran poet Margarita del Carmen Brannon Vega, born in1899 in the city of Armenia, Sonsonate. 
 His Irish father and Salvadoran mother, told him his early education at a renowned educator. Subsequently continued in the city of Santa Ana at the age of twenty he published his first poems and then settled in New York where he married in 1923. He lived several years in Costa Rica, Mexico and Guatemala, and only until 1946 and separated from her...
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