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Vincent Willem Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh was born on Groot- Zundert, Netherlands in the year 1853. He was a Neo –Impressionist artist and had several mental deseases that later brought him to suicide in 1890. He traveled a lot and constantly developed new techniques in painting. He started as an art dealer, later he become a missionary and finally a careerartist around the 1880's. He drew paints, drawings and sketches. During the last ten years of his life he produced more 2000 works, including paintings and drawings. And the most memorable painting were done in his two last years of his life. He never lived a good life from art, he in fact survived alot because of the continuos (and I think unconditional) help of his brother Theo.
Among the VanGogh's painting I like the most are; “The red Vineyard”, “Starry Night”, “Almond Branches in Bloom “, “Starry night over the Rhone”, “The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum”, “Sunflowers”, “Wheatfield with Cypresses “, “Olive Trees”.
Vincent Van Gogh was born on 1853, in a a town known as Groot- Zundert in Netherlands. He was named after his grandfather and a first brother stillborn exactly oneyear before. This might had being a bit heavy for Van Gogh, and might had have a psychological impact later. He was the oldest of three sons and three girls, (one of them was his brother Theodorus or later to be call: Theo). He studied in a school were there was one teacher and 200 students!. He later moved to another province to assist elementary school and dropped at age of 15.
Thanks to hisuncle, he obtained a position in an art dealer shop in London, were he was very succesful. At the age of 20 he was earning more than his father. He fell in love of the daughter of the owner but she rejected him. After this he found himself fervent with religion. He was sent to Paris were he said that art was treated as a commodity and quitted his job. He returned to London to work as a teacher andto try to preach everywhere.
Few years later he returned home and his family supported him in the effort to become a pastor. They sended him to Amsterdam to live with his uncle and enter the university. He was studing theology but he failed and had to leave both the university and his uncle. He went to Belguim, to work as a missionary. Preaching wasn't enough for him, he wanted to live exactly asthe people he preached to. The church dimissed him because they found degrading for them the way he lived!. He fought with his father because he was to worried for Vincent and accidentaly suggested to enter him in to a lunatic asylum.
Later he started working in a coal mine and drafting the everyday life of the people around him. His brother Theo suggested him to start studying art. Vincentaccepted but encomendated his work to God, to draw when everyone else writted about how to reach God. He studied in the Royal Academy of Art with Willem Roelofs. In 1881 he returned home, and started to draw his neighbours. He fell deeply in love of one of his cousins that was recently widowed. He even proposed marriage to her and she refused. He kept insisting and his parents interfere, trying to puta stop to this. He left his house again, this time headed for “The Hagues”.
In The Hagues, Van Gogh starts a relationship with a Prostitute called Sien. Sien had one daughter and was pregnant. The relation lasted for a year until Van Gogh abandoned her and the two children. He moved then to Nuenen, where his family was living at the time. In 1885 Van Gogh's father died of a stroke and this causedhim big impact. In Nuenen there were exhibits of his works for the first time, but the sombre tones he used where not very appreciate. His brother Theo suggested him to implement a more colourful palette as the style of that time pointed in that direction.
The next year he lived in Antwerp, and he lived very poorly. His expenses were mostly in his work and sending his painting to his brother...
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