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7 Mistakes Going for the Kiss...‏

We've all been there.
We've had a perfectly nice time with a woman.
We sensed some sort of connection, but for some
strange reason the date has ended and we've
totally blown it with this kiss.
Going for the kiss with a woman... and how you go
about making your move, says more about you than
anything that could have come out of your mouth
the entirenight.
A woman will ALWAYS be reading between the lines
as she is out with you. And certain
characteristics of a man are revealed by his
attempt to kiss her.
What a woman can learn:
* Are you the dominant leader type?
* Are you shy and timid?
* How experienced are you?
* How much social intuition do you have?
* Do you understand women?
* Are you scared of women?
Theseare just some of the things a woman will
learn instantly about you the minute you go for
the kiss. Unfortunately most men completely blow
it by making one of a variety of common mistakes.
Although it is not impossible to recover from
making one of these mistakes. The impression you
will leave on a woman will be much more favorable
if you avoid them.
The 7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make Going forthe Kiss
1. Going for the kiss too soon
Although I would always advise a guy to go for the
kiss too soon than too late (she will respect you
more) it is often a defeating behavior.
Most women already have a set time table in their
mind how long they need to hang out with a guy
before they will kiss him. And often times even
though a woman has the desire to kiss a man early
on in theinteraction, she will resist his attempt
simply because it wasn't congruent with the
timetable she already established.
Women will establish these time tables to avoid
looking like a slut to the man, his friends, or
even to herself. So even if you are feeling an
incredible urge to kiss her, you must be conscious
as to where she is emotionally in the interaction.
2. Retracting after an initialrejection
As I've just mentioned, often a woman will want to
kiss a man... but won't simply because she doesn't
feel it is quite time yet. And often these women
will turn their cheek or push a guy away as he
goes for the kiss.
Most men retreat like little boys at this point.
They get so upset at the rejection that they spend
the rest of the night sulking and never bother to
attempt tokiss the woman again.
This leaves the woman extremely disappointed. And
it also exposes you for a man who is so insecure
with himself that he can't handle the smallest
If you truly sense a connection with a woman, and
she is sending you the signals... don't let a small
rejection stop you from attempting to kiss her
Just the mere act of attempting to kiss her again
after arejection makes you appear dominant,
confident, aggressive, and quite different from
all the other guys who would have crept away with
their tale between their legs.
3. Not touching her before going for the kiss
A woman generally needs to have some anticipation
building for the kiss. In fact, I would say that
for a woman the build up and anticipation is
almost better than the physical act.And most guys skip this altogether. And this irks
women. And sometimes it irks them enough that
they won't kiss a guy simply because he didn't
have the skills to do it right.
The best way to build up to a kiss and let her
know that its coming... is to begin touching her
more and more. Touching can begin with lightly
touching her elbows as you talk to her, putting
your hand on her backwhen you lean in, or holding
her hand as you guide her through a room... BUT it
needs to begin.
Once you sense that a woman is completely
comfortable with you touching her... you can be
pretty sure that she is ready to be kissed.

>>> In Conversation Escalation we teach a specific
move that lets her know you're going to kiss her
4. Asking...
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