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Bud Fox is a Wall Street stockbroker in early 1980's New York with a strong desire to get to the top. Working for his firmduring the day, he spends his spare time working an on angle with with to approach the high-powered, extremely successful (but ruthless and greedy) broker Gordon Gekko. Fox finally meets with Gekko, whotakes the youth under his wing and explains his philosophy that "Greed is Good". Taking the advice and working closely with Gekko, Fox soon finds himself swept into a world of "yuppies", shady businessdeals, the "good life", fast money, and fast women; something which is at odds with his family including his estranged father and the blue-collared way Fox was brought up. Written by Murray Chapman{}
Bud Fox is an ambitious stock trader who will do just about anything to get into the big leagues. He has been actively courting Gordon Gekko, one of the biggest stock speculatorson Wall Street. Gekko manipulates the market using inside information and his motto best describes his approach: greed is good. Nothing will stop him from pursuing a good deal and he takes advantageof Bud's burning to desire to succeed. Soon, Bud finds himself getting information from any source and using to gain an advantage. It all comes to a head however when Gekko targets Blue Star airlines,the company where Bud's father has worked for 24 years, secretly planning to break it up and plunder the employees' retirement fund. Written by garykmcd
In Wall Street, Bud Fox is tired ofdealing with the small-time cold-calling of Jackson & Steinham, his brokerage firm. His father and he are both sick of the fact that, according to Buddy, "$50,000 does not get you to 1st base anymore."At least not in Manhattan. Mr. Fox, Sr. would gladly have Buddy work for him at the Bluestar Airline company, or at least living rent free back home while he uses his 50k/year salary to get out from...
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