Bogota Informal Employment

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Sebastian Sanin Restrepo

This paper contemplates the Bogota’s informal employment like one example of the country’s economy. The informal employment sector isdefined as all the people or corporations whom are not registered with the Bogota Chamber of Commerce. The capital city has a high informal employment rate; almost 50% of the workers are in this sector.This high rate is causing a lot of problems to the city. The poverty is growing up, and the job opportunities are going down. Then informal employment is going to be studying as a wealth communityproblem that involves a lot of issues.

First, what does informal employment high rate imply for the city’s economy? By the last days of April, I expect to have answered this question. The procedureto find the answer is the following: By next month, I will have read at least three papers about informal employment in Bogota and I hope to find probably causes of it. After, by the following twoweeks, I intend to search for the main problem of informal workers. Afterwards, by the last week before the presentation, I will have done the paper's conclusions and some basic solutions for thatproblem. Finally, I will be presenting my essay. Concluding, I expect the government to have found a solution for that problem by 2020, because it’s an expensive social cost for the country.

The factthat informal employment is a problem is important to understand the city’s poverty. A little under half of all employees are in the informal sector, and about 52% of them are men. One of the biggestproblems of this sector is that the most of the informal employees, almost 85%, are in a social security system but less than 10% are in a pension system. That is a big problem for the city, becausewhen people become older they can't work and because of they are not in a pension system then they are going to have deficit for their expenses and Bogota's poverty will grow.

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