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Helen Keller introduced himself in this book “The Story of my life”, she describes how was her life before her illness, but this phase of her life didn’t last to much. Helen got an illness that closes her eyes and ears; also she can’t talk, she become deaf and blind. As Helen was growing she understands that she was sick, that she can’t communicate like others and that she was different.Sometimes she gets angry that no one can’t understand her type of communication. Her family looked for someone that can help Helen, so there was when Miss Sullivan enters in Helen’s life. For the first time, Helen looked forward to a new day; she has hope. Helen learned a lot of things with her teacher, she learns language, how to use it. She learned French, German and Latin. It tooks a lot of time andefforts for Helen to learned all what she have learned, sometimes she lost all courage but she never gives up, she loves books and she have learned through all people that were supporting she, after all she grew like an normal girl and all the persons that were with she form the story of her life.

Chapter 1&Chapter 2
Helen Keller introduces herself, she describes her nineteen months of life,were she was happy but that didn’t last to long, Helen got sick, her eyes and ears get close. As she was growing, she understands that she wasn’t normal, she can’t communicate like others. When her sister Mildred born she was jealousy, but after all, Mildred and Helen grew to love each other very much.
Chapter 3 & Chapter 4
Sometimes Helen get angry because no one understands what she was saying,so Mr. Anagnos, a friend of the family looked for someone that can help Helen, there was when Miss Sullivan enter in Helen’s life, For the first time Helen looked forward to a new day.

Chapter 5 & Chapter 6
Helen learns too much things with Miss Sullivan, she learned language, she explore all with her hands. Helen found a place were she can spend a lot of hours; it was like her little paradise;in this place Helen have lovely thoughts and bright dreams. As time was passing, she was able to used language so she started to learn how to use it, so it took a very long time.

Chapter 7 & Chapter 8
The next important step in Helen’s education was learning to read. Helen study of all like arithmetic, zoology, botany. Helen learned more about the use of language that any lessons could havedone, When Christmas came she was so happy and she also learn by guessing that gifts could be, Miss Sullivan give Helen love and joy.
Chapter 9 & Chapter 10
Helen visit Boston with Miss Sullivan and her mother, She went to the Perkins Institution for the Blind. She make a lot of friends.She also visited Bunker Hill, where she took her first history lesson,The she visited Plymouth with WilliamEndicott and his daughter, they visited his home at Beverly Farms. They stay at the Perkins Institution until the summer,they went with their friend Mrs.Hopkins. They went in ship and went they arrive, Helen plunged into the cold wáter, at first it was beautiful but then all was terror, but at last, the sea threw Helen to the border.

Chapter 11 & Chapter 12
In the autumn, she return to home inAlabama. She go to their summer cottage in a mountain about 14 miles, it was called Fern Quarry. They lost in the Woods for too much time with Miss Sullivan, Mildred and Helen.
Helen go to New England. She saw how frozen was the environment, snow, she was surprise but at the end sun appears finally.Their favorite amusement durong that Winter was tobogganing.

Chapter 13& Chapter 14
it was inthe spring of 1890 where Helen learn to speak. She leran to talk throw her fingers. She began lessons with other teacher call Miss Sarah Fuller. She has learn the elements of speech. Miss Fuller and Miss Sullivan understand Helen, but no one does.She start to work with the alphabet.Then she return home. It was Winter, Helen writes a story to Mr.Anagnos of the Perkins Institution.Helen will appear...
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