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Day One 
In the beginning, there was nothing. 
The earth and the sky were all dark.
They were one big shapeless mass.
God said, " Let there be light." 
The light appeared!
He divided the lightfrom the darkness. 
He let it shine for a while then it became dark again.
He called the light daytime 
He called the dark nighttime. 
This was the first day. 
God was pleased.

Day TwoThere was light but still water covered everything.
On the second day, God said, "Let the vapors separate to form the sky above and the oceans below.
This made the sky above.
This made the air webreathe.
God looked at what He had done.
God was pleased. 
Day 3
There was still water covering everything.
On the third day, God said, "Let the water beneath the sky be gathered into seas."
Then thewater began to move.
There were all sorts of seas, 
This formed dry land.
On the land, 
there were tall mountains. 
There were deep valleys. 
God called the dry landearth
God said, "Let the earth give all grass, and plant, and every sort of fruit with seeds inside the fruit and plants so there will be more."
God was pleased. 
Day 4
On the fourth day God said,"Let there be bright lights in the sky."
He made the sun for daytime.
He made the moon for night
He made the stars.
He set them in the sky.
He made the different seasons of the year.
He made thesummertime.
He made the winter time.
God was pleased.

Day 5
On the fifth day, 

God said, "Let there be fish in the seas and birds in the sky."
He made all the fish in the sea.
He made thebig fish and the small fish.
He made all the birds in the sky.
He made the big birds.
He made the small birds.
He said, "Fill the earth."
God was pleased

Day 6
On the sixth day, God said, "Letthere be all sorts of animals on the land."

There were all kinds of animals.
There were big animals.
There were small animals. 

Then God said, "Let us make man."
So God made the first...
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