Brief actual lgbt community right movement around the world

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As we known the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community faces some legal issues around the world and in Puerto Rico. Public discussion and debate about sexual orientation and gender identityissues have increased, and some legal changes have been made. Currently in Puerto Rico, both supporters and opponents of legislation protecting the rights of LGBT persons can be found in either ofthe major political parties. Public opposition still exists due, in large part, to the strong influence of the Roman Catholic Church and socially conservative Protestants. Looking for a wider view ofthe community right around the world, the society have been witness of how “small” decisions supporting the right of this minority within the persons that do exercises the power have been taking. As acase in point, the Federal District of Mexico have started to marriage same sex couples from March 11, 2010. At that day, five couples get married; three of lesbians and two of homosexuals, beingthe first couples that did it in the city. The legalization that let same sex couples to get married was approved on December of 2009 by the politicians of Mexico FD. The ceremony, which was held inthe old City Hall, the current headquarters of the Federal Government, has attended numerous important personalities of the Mexican Government. On the other hand, transferring to the Sloveniangovernment, the parliament adopted a few days ago, on first reading, the reform of family law that would allow marriages between same sex and adoption of children by them. The project overcame the firstobstacle by 46 votes in favor and 38 against. The project, has encountered bitter opposition, focusing particularly on the issue of adoption. Given the expected final approval over the coming months,opponents have demanded to bring the issue to a referendum. If the initiative completes its parliamentary process successfully, Slovenia became the seventh European state to allow marriage between same...
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