Cajas de carton

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5-Step Communicative Lesson Plan

|Date: day 1 |
|Level: Spanish 1|Text and pages: En Español, 366 |
|Unit Title: ¡Qué buena celebración!|

|Learning Objectives (explain in specific terms what students will be able to do with the target language by the end of the lesson)|
|Students will be able to describe a party using their Spanish verbal skills, and to sing the happy birthday too in target language. |
|Students will be able to create a paragraphin Spanish telling their dream birthday party. |
|Students will be able to demonstrate their abilities to speak, read and write by presenting theirwork to class. |
| ||Setting the Stage (relate to previous learning, activate background knowledge) |
|Teacher will…|Student will… |Minutes |
|Start greeting the students |Copy and start working on the calentamiento. |5-7|
|Calentamiento written on the board: | | |
|You andyour friend are preparing a party. | | |
|Tell four things she can do to help: |...
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