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According to our concepts of ethics, we have to treat to the costumers always with respect and in a polite way.
We found that dealing with costumers by the phone could be difficult but noimpossible.
For example one situation is when a customer calls to the company because they have a problem with software that he/she couldn´t install. In this case you have to be patient, polite andcourteous. The collaborator has to be informed about how to help the costumer. We found some recommendations for dealing with costumers in the phone:
* Treat customers with fairness, respect and honesty isparamount to keeping a lifelong customer and attracting more. When dealing with customers on the phone, it is important to respond to customer inquiries and issues with knowledge, a determination tosolve their problems and friendliness.
* Make sure you have a full understanding of your product or service and the processes needed to resolve a customer's issue or problem.
* Make sure you firstgive the caller your complete attention and take notes if you must. Repeat the pertinent information he's given you to make sure you have assessed the situation accurately.
* If you need to consultsomeone else, let the customer know that you're going to momentarily place him on hold and continue working on his problem. Check back in every 30 to 60 seconds and reassure the customer that you'restill working to help him
* You should answer every call in a friendly and upbeat manner, even if you've been answering calls for two hours without a break. Customers are the lifeblood of any companyor business, so it is paramount to treat them with respect and honesty.
When we are with a customer on the phone and have some problems with a product or service, we should always givesome solution.
Good customer care not only gives you in return a profit, but a loyalty because the customer is the foundation of the company therefore must make every customer feel satisfied. We must...
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