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• Aluminum Case
• Triple Countershaft
• Reliable and Durable
• On/Off Highway Applications
• Versatile Power Take-Off Capabilities

The Mack T310 is an excellentgeneral purpose transmission
suited for on-highway as well as on/off highway applications.
The 39% steps make it easy to shift and compatible with any of
the Mack engines. First gear is 13.81:1while top gear is .73:1
overdrive resulting in an overall range of 19.04:1.

• Gearing
All the T300 gearing uses a spur type design for maximum
efficiency and minimum friction. Gear blanksare designed with the
aid of computers to optimize the balance between weight and
strength. Teeth are cut to a precise geometry to insure quiet, uniform rotating motion and then carburized toassure the intended
loads can be carried without breaking or wearing. In top gears,
dovetail clutch teeth maintain engagement under varying loads.
Top gear in all T300 transmissions is an overdrive. Theoverdrive
allows required highway speeds to be met at the recommended
engine speed with lower driveline torques. Because driveline
torques are lower, lighter, less expensive shafts and slower,more
durable rear axles carriers can be speced.
• Lubrication
Splash lubrication is standard for the T300. Gears and bearings
receive lubrication from the lower countershaft dipping and spinning
inoil. For extreme operating conditions or unusually high loads, a
pump can be speced to assure lubricant flow to critical areas.
Magnetic drain plugs are also standard as is a main case magneticchip trap to remove metallic contaminants from circulation.
• Case
The T300 case is a permanent mold, high strength, aluminum alloy
casting . An SAE #1 bell housing is cast integral with the case toform a one-piece, light weight component with maximum rigidity and
no misalignment. Within the case, iron bearing retainers support
countershaft and mainshaft bearings to provide rigidity and fit...
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