Canal De Kimjijae96

Páginas: 4 (853 palabras) Publicado: 17 de abril de 2012

OH I got That Supa Luv
that supa luv, na 
I make em say, say, Lets go 
I love ya girl, no one else in the world is ever gonna do ya better (noone no one) Now Listen to me cause inevitably you're gonna be my lover (come on come on)
Don't care where you go baby long as you know nothing gonna stop the way I feel 
Come and take my heart awaygirl you can hear me say I yours.
La La La La La Tell me that you love me to 
You can Try try try but there aint no one like me
I got that supa Luv 
that Supa luv 
She want my Supa Luv
My supaLuv 
Nothing is better than my love its true 
I got that Supa Luv
OH OH etc..... 
So baby give me your hand hope you can understand Im your only Superman,
take you up in the sky got you feelin sofly
like a super fantasy 
your so beautiful but you already know don't gotta say it twice 
You want it, I got it, my superlove so priceless.
I know You know that we should try and take this thingslow
Try to deny it, but I know that you want my Supa Luv! 
Listen up yea you gotta make a choice now
if you wanna be my girl than take my hand 
I can make you go crazy for my Supa Luv Everybodyelse will never understand
Like a hurricane that's how I'll love ya 
Never gonna stop till make you mine
Rain or shine you'll be fine
baby girl my supa luv will never run dry!
Don't miss out onany Kpop goodness!
Make sure to...
Tired of being alone
Sick of being single
I think I need me a girl
I need a Girl like….
saenggak eomneun maltu
eorinaedeul malgu nal gamssa anajul yeh~~
simsimhalttae gakkeum
noneun yeoja malgu naman saranghaejul
gamanisseodo namja nomdeul jeonhwagil naemiljiman
jarangseureopge nae sajineul kkeonae boineun geureon girl
Girl I need a girl mwol haedoippeun mommaedo ippeun
girl I need a girl baby I need you girl you need me too
chimaboda cheongbajiga deo jal eoullineun geureon yeoja
gimchibokkeumbabeun naega jal mandeureo daesin jal meogeul su...
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