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If somebody would have the gift of can to change the past, maybe that person would change many things, but never to someone that stained our lifes with his happiness and love to the people. He is “Mario Moreno Reyes” better known as “Cantiflas” an actor Mexican comic, scriptwriter himself did worldwidefamous with the name of his character “Cantinflas”  to the that gave life in most of film them that he filmed.
He was born in a poor class family from Mexico in the neighborhood Santa Maria la Ribera in Mexico august 12th in 1911. He was the 6th of 12 sons of the marriage of Pedro Moreno Esquivel, a humble postman, and of Soledad Moreno Guízar, four of his brothers dead because of a badchildbirth, but eight of them survived José, Eduardo, Mario, Esperanza, Catalina, Enrique and Roberto.
Looking for the way of to get some money, he left the school but after he went to the barracks when he was 16 years old but he said be 19 years old, then he converted soldier and his father did not took a long time in to find him and to say that he was not 19 years old and he left the barracks but hedid not surrender and after of unsuccessful attempt to go in the U.S.A by California he converted in boxer for to win the life but he could not do that.
After of all that for his necessity and his personality graceful he started his career rehearsing for to act in the rovings theaters with the first with the first prototype of his character that in the beginning was the gabardine’s mime of thisway  In 1930 was already the most famous comic of the country. In 1934 knew to the actriz of Russian origin Valentina Subarev, with the one who contracted marriage and had to his only son, Mario Arturo.
With his fame accumulates in his stay in the theater his peculiar style attracted the attention of the industry of the cinema in Mexico, in the year 1936 when Mario Moreno had been acting in thetheater Ballard the cinematograph Miguel Contreras Torrez invited him to work in the movie “No te engañes corazón” to wich followed “Así es mi tierra”,” Aguila o Sol”,” and   all a series of short movies. But these didn’t was clerks.
And Mario thought that all his yearnings be fulfilled in the theater but it was not like this he was not satisfied with his fame in the theater and trying of to jutout one year later he went to the bull fightings acting in presence of a full public a month converted in a comical bullfighter that read the journal when he fought bull, that embraced to the bull, he danced tango, and he made many funny things and of this way he won the love of all the people. Was there when came others movies for him with the cinematograph “Arcan Boightler” made the first movie inwhich Mario Moreno acted endly as “Cantiflas” (Ahi está el detalle 1940) this beat records of collection in the rooms of exhibition spanish during three decades followed.
The popularity of this holy monster of the Mexican cinema and, generally, of the cinema in Spaniard has to a lot to his work in the films Ni Sangre Ni arena(titled in United States Neither Blood and Sand) and The gendarmedesconocido (1941), in which discovered to his ideal director, Miguel M. Thin, assistant of the realizer Alejandro Galindo. The first was a parody of the work of Vicente Blasco Ibáñez; which cinematographic version had been recently presented in United States, starried by the actors Tyrone Power, Rita Hayworth and Linda Darnell. With both works, Mario Moreno expected to amortize the economic effortreversed in Poses Films, of which arrived to be only producing. No in futile neither blood neither sand collected 54.000 weights in four days during his première in the Theater Alameda.
With all his fame Mario put his eyes in the syndical ambit and e converted in the general secretary of the A.N.D.A (association national of actors)
This great success continued with The gendarme desconocido (The...
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