Capitulos 1 2 3 summary de prince and the pauper

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Tom and Edward where born in the same day but, Edward was rich and Tom was a pauper. Everyone knows and wait fo Edward's birthday, he was a prince and everyoneliked him. Meanwhile, Edward was poor and his own family don't like him, he lived in a poor house with his grandmother, his parents and his twins sisters. Edward sometimes went with Father Andrew andhe tought him latin and how to read and write.
Once Tom was walkking on the street and he saw a boy of his age, the Prince Edward. He tried to get closer but the guard hit him. When the prince sawthis, he order to the guard to let him in with him. The talk and Edward was surpriced about Tom's life.They exchanged their clothes and the guards confuse Tom with Edward and thow him out of thepalace.

The crowd start to shout him and he tried to explain them the situation, at the end Edward was tired and all the people let him alone. Then he saw achurch, that his father, the king, reneame and use it to give the poor people food and stuffs like that. He went to eh church and tried to explain his situation, but the don't believed him. After a whileTom's father found him and hit him asking him for some money. Edward ttryed to explain the situation to Tom's father, but he doesn't beleave hin too. Meanwhile, Tom was in the palace, playing whitnthe jewels and the clothes but he get bored and start thining in explain to someone where is the real prince. He tried to explain to a prince's cousin but she doesn't believed him. And officer, tookTom and they went to see the king. Tom explain the things to the king but he doesn't believed him. The king asked Tom a question in latin, annd tom answered right, after that the king asked him aquestion in french but, Tom doesn't speak french so he couldn't answer. The king order to the officer, that his sun will not have more classes for a time.

While Tom was in...
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