Carnival of blacks and whites

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Tuesday, May 11/2010
English essay – Carnival of blacks and whites
Referent: Phases and history of blacks and whites carnival
Aspects of the referent:
* The blackand white carnival
* History
* The pre – carnival and Castañeda family
* The day of the blacks and the day of the whites
* It would be a good experience living the carnivalCelebrating that we are all equal despite our color
The black and white carnival is celebrated in several parts of the world, especially in South America. In Colombia, some people celebrate individually butin Pasto the whole city comes together to celebrate organizing a carnival called “The Carnival of whites and blacks” which takes place from the 4 to 6 of January. This carnival is the oldest of SouthAmerica, this makes the celebration contains so many traditions; in Colombia was declared the nation's cultural heritage by the Congress of Colombia in April of 2002. All people of Pasto work all yearto prepare the floats and all the decorative elements of the carnival. Many people from other cities and even from other countries travel to Pasto to celebrate the carnival as it is characterized by avery happy event, complete and full of originality. The carnival is organized and divided into four phases: the pre - carnival, the arrival of the Castañeda family, the day of the black and ends withthe day of the whites. The origins of the carnival are in the times of Spanish rule which makes the carnival has a lot of stories and legends.
The Carnival of blacks and whites is one of the oldestcarnivals in South America and includes for all America. The carnival is celebrated to commemorate the day that the African slaves had a free day where they all expressed their happiness and the storyis this: Some historians say that in 1607 there was a protest of slaves in Antioquia what frightened the authorities because the protestants were many people. This event was remembered for the...
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