Cars of the future

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Cars of the future

In the future the people will need cars faster, safer and which do not harm the environment, so many companies arebeginning to design this type of vehicles, the most of them whit the objective of preserve the environment because in this days we have this problemand in a future will be a good option that the people have a car that not harm the environment.

There are many cars that are designed andmore that are constructed, one great car that has been created is the Aptera Typ-1which was financed by the company Google, Aptera can exceed135 km / h. In fact, be limited to 150 km / h for safety, with acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in 10 seconds. Loaded, the car would take 2 to 4hours, depending on how it is downloaded, and I could travel 190 km. In addition, there will be a hybrid version for those who want somethingthat can be refueled in mid-trip and in a short time.

In the design, manufacturers claim that the strange car in excess of the usual evidenceof California. Its shape is aerodynamic, allowing speed without spending too much energy and the 3 wheels are arranged in such a way that thedevice is much more stable than most in its class and unlikely to overturn. Finally, the internal arrangement is for 2 people plus one ", ie ithas two fixed seats that can be added back for a third place to a child. In addition, the trunk is quite roomy despite what might appear.
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