The Car Of The Future

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In recent years, in which people need to travel constantly from place to place inyour country or city, it is being used whenever the transports like the plane, the bus; and especially, the car. The car was invented in 1886 by the engineer Kardl Frienderich Benz in the Germany city of Mannheim. In this era, the maximum speed of the cars was 20 Km/h, spent a lot of fuel and the gasoline was bought at pharmacies in small quantities.

Shortly after, another’s pioneer likes GottliebDaimler y Wihelm Maybach presented others models in 1910. Henry Ford started producing cars in assembly line; it was a system totally innovative that allowed it to reach production figures until then unthinkable.


Nowadays new ways are studied for move more quickly and efficiently which includes better roads to move. In addition, as the years go by, the part of cars have been improvedsuch as engine, wheels material, dimensions, etc… In this report will deal with to design a prototype incorporate innovation in the Safety. Here, we are interested to prevent car`s accidents. In car accidents there is to worry also of avoid "accident rate" that suffer all the occupants of the car like the possible people outside. In short; a report that help us to visualize how our cars will be inthe near future.


The safety of the fleeting and the people outside is one of the main objectives of a car accident. Therefore we have choose well the materials that will be installed in the car so that the fleeting and people don’t will suffer any damage Passive Safety System act when there is an accident and it is responsible to protect the occupants of vehicle such as setsbells or airbags.

When there are an accidents and the vehicle crash against a rigid object, its structure is subjected to a violent deceleration, which is ultimately transmitted to the occupants. The strategies in the future design of the vehicle to protect passengers are as giving them “crumple zones” at the ends, and a rigid carrier to ensure the rigidity of the cabin.

These areas would belocated in the front and rear of vehicle and it would be designed to absorb as much energy as possible in case of impact. The absorption energy takes place mainly through the deformation of parts specifically designed for this role . “Crumple zones” would be created from materials "soft " to absorb the energy and the area to protect occupants would be created of materials more "tough". Another wayto protect the occupants would be "active headrests (cervical protection system). This system would reduce "whiplash effect": when a vehicle suffers a rear impact is subjected to a deceleration, causing the seat to push the body forward, that varies with respect to the torso, causing a violent change of direction in the neck, which takes the form of "s" at the beginning and then goes back.

-5- “Active headrests” are activated under subsequent impacts, and are designed to move closer automatically at the head of occupants in these circumstances and prevent it from being left behind in the movement. Yet it would be essential to regulating the height of the headrest to maximize their contribution to the safety of everyone. The ideal position of the head restraint is at least 5 cm apart,both vertically and horizontally, of the head. The following figure illustrates the regulation of this element.

Also, the accident rate can be owing to imprudence of the pedestrian who goes past for areas that they can’t and the drivers who don’t pay attention in the streets, motorway or roads. When a car crash over a object, the energy that the car have got (kinetic energy) is turned into...
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