Carta Formal En Ingles

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College of science and education
Program: psychology
Class: English

Tutor: Leidy Diana Sanchez Garcia

Presented by: Anabel Peralta Benitez

Date: March 31, 2012
Ceres coveñas

My name is Anabel Peralta Benitez, I’m 23 years old, I’m a psychology mayor andI’m currently in my 3rd semester studies in an academic school called “CERS”, which stands for Regional Superior Educational Center of Sucre, I Characterize myself as a strong willed individual andvery dedicated to my studies looking for personal and professional growth, the members of my family are the following:
My mother is Luz Mary Benitez Navarro, my mom is a strong willed woman dedicatedto our family and friends and neighbors she’s a fulltime homemaker, and she also works at the family store.
The extravert of the family is my sister Maria Angelica she is 25 years of age, she iscurrently in her 7th semester at Pamplona University and she is studying education.
My middle sister Luz mery peralta Benitez is 21 years of age, she’s a very gifted student and she is interested inpolitical science and government at the Public Administration University in Sincelejo and she is in her 4th semester and she’s doing great.
Finally, my little sister Luisa Maria is a very intelligentlittle 5 years old girl and a kindergarten student at the Santa Teresita Institute in Tolu city.
There are other members of my family, a brother a sister and a stepfather that I won’t mention because Idon’t have a picture of them in my possession and they are currently out of town. But their names are my older brother Hugo Alfredo, my sister Loly Luz which is the oldest of my brothers and sisters,and last of all my stepfather Efrain Espejo.
This is my entire family which I love and respect dearly, we stick together in difficult times, like the death of my father Hugo Peralta six months ago,...
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