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2011/12 EMEA Salary Budget Planning Report I 1

This report summarises the findings of Towers Watson’s annual survey on salary movement and review practices as a
means of helping companies with their compensation planning for 2012.
The survey was conducted on-line in July/August 2011 amongst companiesparticipating in Towers Watson’s
compensation surveys. We received approximately 6,800 sets of responses covering more than 60 countries across
the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.
The main sections of this report include actual and projected data for 2011 and 2012 respectively. Details include:

Summary of key findings
Graphic overview of results
Salarymovement in comparison with key economic indicators
Salary movement by employee group for all industries and by specific industry sectors
Salary review status
Allocation of salary budget increase to high performers
List of participants by sector

The salary movement figures provide median salary increases awarded or anticipated overall and for each employee
group as a percentage of basesalary. They include merit and statutory increases, promotions and cost of living
The employee groups are generally defined as:
Executive Directors - The most senior executive position in the organisation coordinating the full range of functions.
Provides leadership and has overall direction and control of the company’s operations/divisions. Responsible for longrange planning andestablishment of basic policy. This position excludes the Chairman with no executive responsibility
in the organisation.
Senior Management - Is defined as those executives who report directly to the General Management with full
responsibility for major departments or functions. They actively participate in developing company policy and closely
advise the General Management on strategy.Middle Management - Is defined as those employees who may report directly to the General Management but are not
regarded as the top level of management, or alternatively report directly or indirectly to department heads or heads of
Professionals - Professional employees are personnel who through a specific qualification or a level of
skill/competence in a particular discipline areconsidered as experts in their field e.g. Accountants, Legal Advisors, Key
Account Managers, Product Marketing Specialists, Business/Technical Consultants, HR Professionals.
Technical/Business Support - Are defined as white collar personnel employed directly by an organisation, either in
an office environment or in the field. Managerial levels should not be included here.
Production/Operations - Aredefined as blue-collar personnel, operators or technicians employed in a plant/factory,
as well as basic clerical support roles in an office environment, kitchen staff, security personnel, drivers etc. For this
category of personnel, job descriptions often differentiate between highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled

2011/12 EMEA Salary Budget Planning Report I 22011/12 EMEA SALARY BUDGET PLANNING REPORT
The following is a summary of current economic forecasts from the (EIU) Economist Intelligence Unit and key findings
from our Salary Budget Planning Survey, highlighting the current trends in salary movement and review practices
across EMEA.
Economic conditions in the Euro zone continue to bea tug-of-war between the strongest economies (real GDP growth
of 3% or more) and the weakest (growth of 1% or less). Led by Germany, the strongest economies account for about
one third of the Euro zone’s total GDP while the weakest account for slightly more than a third. The middle group,
where growth is neither very strong nor very weak is led by France and comprises about 28% of total GDP...
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