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The Power of

The walt disney company is a history telling company. The disney product drives on its ability to tell a story that connect to peoples emotions. The understading and appreciation for this power of historycontributes to the disney diference in leadership.

Consider your perceptions of two characters, belle from beauty and the beast and fromthe lion king.

What was important to belle? How do you know this?

What was important to simba? How do you know this?

As a leader, you must ask yourself: what is important to you?
How do others know this.

Walt Disney world leaders

As you are watching the video, write down what you belive he following leaders value:

Michael eisner

Judson green

Courage is the main qualityof leadership, in my opinion no matter where it is exceted. Usually it implies some risk-especilly in new undertakings. Courage to initiate something and to keep it going - pioneering and to keep it going-pioneering and adveturous spirt to blaze new ways, often, in our land of opportunity..

Leaders take responsibility for creating and communicating a clear vision this is essential toleading the group to success. There are distinc differences between the leaders vision will be the focus of this session.

A vision is a picture of the future that is crealed in the imagination and motivates action.

Vision statement a vison stament is a collection of words, created colabotively, that summarizes what an organization is intended to look lke.

1.- imagine that you are a castmember at disneyland park in California in 1965. what is your reaction to hearing Walts vision?

2.- what do you think walt value?


Walt disney world will always be dedicated to making dreams come true. In this magical world, fantasy is real and reality is fantastic. A wonderful sense of community awaits, where all are greeted as welcome guests and becomecherished friends. For all who work and play here, Walt Disney World will be a source of joy and inspiration.


An effectively comunicated vision does the following:

Creats a share and meaningful purpose
Nspires passion and interest
Guides decision making and strategy
Conveys values


How are you continuosly communicating the vision of your companyor departament to your team?


At the walt disney world resort, involvement occurs when cast members are given and take responsibility for the performance of the bsiness. When power goes to the cast members, they have a greater sense of ownership, show intiative in their work, and tke pride in what they produce.


To build involvement inthe workplace, walt disney world leaders employ the fallowing key strategies

Transfer power and decision making authority

Allocate the appropriate resources to allow cast members to do their jobs


In what can you transfer power and decision marking authority?
What resources can you provide to assist employees in doing their jobs?
How can you increase the involvement ofyour employees, clients, and suppliers?
The leadership accountability matrix
The leadership accountability matrix shows that there are two dimensions to success: business results and leadership behaviors. In the spaces provided, record your notes regarding the video on leadership accountability.
Leadership strategies for organization
Walt Disney world leaders are held accountableindividually for their own business result and leadership behaviors. In putting together an organization that can involve people in delivering the vision, leaders are encouraged to apply the two axes of the accountability matrix to two aspects of their organization: structure and culture.
These two key leadership strategies show the relationship between performance accountability and the...
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