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Second Term Fourth Grade Science Review

This review will help you prepare for the evaluation. Remember that you are learning how to think critically. You have to pause and think about how tosolve the problem you are faced with.

Complete the following Venn´s diagram based on the following comparison:

The tropical rain forest is dominated by tall broad-leaf trees. Besides these treeswe can find shrubs, ferns, mosses, lianas, vines, and a number of other plants. Besides the great diversity of plants there is also a great diversity of animals. We can find different types of snakes,monkeys, cats, foxes, birds, and insects. All this is possible thanks to the fact that the rainforest has sunlight all year and does not have seasons. This keeps the water cycle working (rains a lot)and the trees can do photosynthesis all year. The deciduous forest is dominated by tall broad-leaf trees as well. We can also find mosses, shrubs and ferns. Some animals are foxes, wolves, birds,cats, and insects. The deciduous forests are also called seasonal forests because during the winter they lose their leaves because there is not enough sun light for them to do photosynthesis.

Tropicalrain forest Both Deciduous forest


The three climatic zones of the planet are:
a. Tropical, icy, and mild.
b. Cold, hot, and mild.
c.Tropical, temperate, and polar.
d. Tropical, temperate, and boreal.

The following is a food chain of a Tropical Rainforest:
a. grass caribou wolf fungi
b. cactuskangaroo rat rattle snake hawk bacteria
c. algae snail bass blue shark worms
d. orange treeparrot emerald boa harpy eagle
If you look around Bogotá you will be able to see that there are still many natural areas inside and around the city. These areas represent...
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