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Summery Biology 1
• Contains the genetic material
• Regulates the function of the cell.
• Control center
Contains all the genetic information for the cell and controls allits activities.
Cell membrane: Control of substances that go in and out of cells. Acts like a barrier. It’s a semi permeable membrane

Cytoplasm: Jelly like substance mainly made of water in whichboth nutrients are waste and dissolve. Some chemical reactions make place in it.

Cell wall: Made of cellulose
Rigid ( provides support
Fully permeable
made of fibers of cellulose (which we use tomake paper!) that gives them shape and strength.

Chloroplasts: absolves light.
Water + carbon dioxide ( glucose + oxygen.
Thirdly, most plant cells also contain small round structures whichcontain the green pigment chlorophyll, which is needed for photosynthesis.

Large Central Vacuole: which stores extra water and gives extra support to the cell by pressing hard against the cell wall.Tissue: Group of similar cells joined to do a similar job.

Organ: Group of different tissues joined in doing a similar job.

Organ system: Group of organs working together to accomplish aparticular job.

Organism: group of system that makes up living things.

Cell Respiration:
Cells obtain energy from glucose
1. In humans cells:
a) Aerobic Respiration: aerobicrespiration involves transferring energy from glucose to a cell; oxygen is needed, carbon dioxide is produced. Combining glucose with oxygen.
Glucose + oxygen ( water + carbon dioxide + energy.b) Anaerobic respiration: processing glucose with energy WITHOUT using oxygen.
Glucose ( energy + lactive acid.

• Anaerobic respiration yields 10 times less than Aerobic respiration• You don’t need carbon dioxide in your body that’s why you throw it out.
• Water is breathing out as water vapour.

Diffusion: Movement of molecules from a high concentration to a low...
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