Stem cells

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Stem Cells---A Life Insurance

Expecting a baby is one of the biggest anxieties that we as women have in life. This period is full of plans, hopes and decisions. Some of them are directlyrelated with the future of the baby, as is the choice of the name that we will give to the baby and choosing the best doctors to have the highest professional care at the moment of the delivery.But something more important is always present in the minds of parents. What they care about the most is the health of their children from the moment they are born.
Nowadays you have probablyalready heard about stem cells. These are the most important element of the immune system and the origin of blood components such as white blood cells, which are responsible for combating diseases; redblood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen; and platelets, which coagulate and heal. Stem cells cells are found in the blood in the umbilical cord of the baby. They are similar to thosefound in bone marrow; also they have an exact genetic compatibility with the baby. Stem cells contained in umbilical cord blood of a baby have the ability to divide indefinitely and also todifferentiate to produce specialized cells. In the future, they could help to combat serious diseases that can affect the child’s health, and could also help members of the family, depending on the degree ofcompatibility that exists between them and the cells preserved.
But what is the importance of preserving the umbilical cord (stem cells)? Stem cells can completely regenerate the bone marrow andimmune system when they are seriously affected by some disease, situations of toxicity, medical treatments or other conditions such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Also, according to recentresearch, stem cells behave may have the potential to regenerate other very important cells in the body, such as: nerve cells, heart cells, of the pancreas, etc ... Scientific investigations say that stem...
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