Character Analisis Whale Talk

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English 10 13 2-13
Character analysisWhale talk is a really interesting book it talks about some misfits that try be part of society by having the maximum award in sports the “letter jackets”. The character from the book “Whale talk” Ichose was T.J’s dad. Thanks to him we understand the real meaning of the book. in the book the reader can see that he is not only T.J’s father but also his friend and his teacher of life he is alwaysgiving him advice, about his past experiences T.J’s dad likes whales knows how to live. I selected him because I think that the book without him could not be possible I believe he is crucial for theunderstanding the title of the book. ”Dad ?“you should be a whale” pg 150
His appearance is like the typical Harley Davidson rider he is a big guy with long hair and long beard, he is fat and with a kind of scary face (according to Heidi) butit doesn’t matter how tough he looks in the outside he is a really nice person ,he tries to save all kind of lives from bugs to humans, he is mostly like that because an incident he had 30 years agoit happened when he was a truck driver and once he didn’t noticed he had had a baby under his truck and he killed him and what he does to redeem his sin is saving the life of every living thing. “I wasin one of those emotional places where I cursed my entire being.

Mad at myself for not looking under my truck, mad at my parents and relatives and teachers for not warning me this kind of paineven exists in the world, mad at god for not looking under his truck “. He is a philosopher of life he teaches other people how to live like a whale just cares for living and teaching other his life...
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