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Charles Spencer Chaplin
He was born on 16 April 1889, supposedly in East Street, Walworth, London, England. England; In 2011, a letter, written to him in the 1970s, came to light,suggesting that he had been born in a gypsy caravan at Black Patch Park in Smethwick, Staffordshire.
Charles Spencer Chaplin Sr, was a vocalist and an actor and his mother, Hannah Chaplin, a singer and anactress who went by the stage name Lilly Harley
Their parents got divorce when he was three and grew up with his half brother Sydney, his mother Hanna was not only a singer but an actress as well.Unluckily her mentally disease was critical and her kids had to live with their father and his mistress. Sr. Chapin was actor and singer and died because of alcoholism (cirrhosis). In 1901
WhenCharles Spencer Chapin was sent to the Archbishop Temples Boys School by his father mistress at his 12s just at this time he was part of the troupe of young male dancers, The Eight LancashireLads,[18]managed by a William Jackson.

Beginning of his career:
When he was 16 Chapin won the part of Billy In a west end production of Sherlock Homes. In 1913 Chapin was discovered by the film producer MackSennett. Over the next couple of years, Chapin made a series of short slapstick. In these films he developed a character than wore baggy pants, tight frock coat, large shoes on the wrong feet and ablack derby hot.
After caught in the rain which was his 13Th one, he stated to direst his own once. At this time he reduced the number of visual jokes but in creased the time spent on each one. Histhemes reflected his childhood experiences of poverty, hunger and loneliness and became comedy into art form.
Just at the beginning of his career he was paid only $150 a week. Three year later hesigned his fist million dollar contract. The films included the tramp (1915) the pawnshop (1915) easy street (1917), the immigrant (1917) and a dog’s life (1918).
On the other hand he was concerned with...
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