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[5:53:05 PM] Vincy: Hello Group
[5:55:05 PM] Catherine Alton: Hi guys!
[5:55:26 PM] Vincy: Salutations Catherine. I always appreciate you're
always the first to respond to the messages. =)
[5:55:31 PM] Jose: Helloooo everyone!
[5:55:52 PM] Mario Noriega: Hello!! how was your birthday Vincy?
[5:56:17 PM] Catherine Alton: :) Yes! how was it?
[5:56:58 PM] Vincy: Not only my birthday, but mywhole entire weekend
has been amazing! I took the day off on Friday. Did LOTS of homework +
Project. All I did this weekend was homework and it really felt great.
I no longer have to panic because a deadline is coming up!
[5:57:15 PM] Vincy: I went to dinner on Friday with some of my closest
friends. I had mongolian hot pot. It was fantastic
[5:57:29 PM] Vincy: And on Sunday I hung out withmy family for BOTH
meals. That usually NEVER happens.
[5:57:55 PM] Vincy: I slept too. Oh glorious sleep!~
[5:58:22 PM] Catherine Alton: haha now I'm jealous!
[5:58:26 PM] Mario Noriega: Great!! good to hear that besides the hard
work you had a good time!
[5:58:53 PM] Vincy: Oh yes! Much needed. These past few weeks have
been very stressful and hectic. I just wanted to take it easy thisweekend.
[5:59:10 PM] Vincy: How as your weekends? And projects?
[5:59:17 PM] Vincy: *were
[6:00:06 PM] Catherine Alton: Good! did about the same thing, lots of
homework, dinner with some friends, and caught up on some sleep
[5:00:25 PM] Jose: well, it was good but I think I party too much I need to rest!
[6:00:28 PM] Mario Noriega: It was also nice.. but Sunday night was
also stressfullhaving to finish the report.. and making baggage to
come to Mexico City..
[6:01:17 PM] Vincy: I see.
[6:01:39 PM] Vincy: Is Eric really going to be absent for this chat?
He threatened to do that last week when he found out he was supposed
to be mediating
[6:01:47 PM] Vincy: It would be very funny
[6:02:09 PM] Catherine Alton: yeah- we'll have to find a way to hunt him down.
[6:02:24 PM] Vincy:let me email
[6:02:48 PM] Vincy: sent
[6:02:57 PM] Vincy: Ok. Let's get started!
[6:03:09 PM] Mario Noriega: Ok.. lets see if he signs in soon
[6:03:12 PM] Mario Noriega: agree
[6:04:21 PM] Catherine Alton: alright...should someone else moderate
and Eric can do the next one?
[6:04:22 PM] Mario Noriega: Lets start with Adidas case problem.. I
think their problem was that they were loosingmarket share in their
most important division.. soccer
[6:04:50 PM] Vincy: So the problem this week: Adidas wants to dominate
the 2006 Olympic games and claim the largest piece of the market share
[6:05:08 PM] Jose: it was world cup not Olympic games, isn’t it?
[6:05:16 PM] Catherine Alton: Yes, the competition (Nike) was increasingly tough
[6:05:18 PM] Vincy: And their mobile campaignjust wasn't doing it.
[6:05:26 PM] Mario Noriega: I think only Eric has the acces in the
Homework System to upload the file..
[6:05:52 PM] Vincy: "Although adidas mobile short codes had appeared
in television, print and outdoor advertising, no amount of publicity
seemed to attract the audience that adidas was seeking"
[6:05:56 PM] Catherine Alton: We can make him do up the report and
hand itin then. We will just control the chat :)
[6:06:16 PM] Mario Noriega: Right.. mobile campaign did't work at
all... only 20% of the expected visitors
[6:06:31 PM] Jose: exactly Mario, I think probably they were never
too realistic and actually expected much more than the market actually
could give… i mea, It can be done but is not that easyy
[6:06:50 PM] Catherine Alton: They put a lot onthe line when they
decided to use this relatively new method of marketing.
[6:07:15 PM] Catherine Alton: When it was basically untested and there
was no research around to back up any actual claims
[6:07:43 PM] Vincy: I actually thought mobile was a great idea, but
the technology and understanding of the medium was too low. If they
had that campaign today, in this day and age with lots of...
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