Child Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse: Understanding the Issues
Jane F. Gilgun, Ph.D., LICSW Alankaar Sharma, MSW University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA

definitions,healthy adult-child relationships, types of sexual abuse, prevalence, social forces that account for child sexual abuse, the effects of child sexual abuse, what sexual abuse means to child survivors,what sexual abuse means to perpetrators, do survivors become perpetrators, and factors associated with recovery from child sexual abuse.

Abuse of power Another person takes advantageGoal: gratification
Sexual Emotional

Not sexual play between consenting generational equals

Healthy Adult-Child Relationships
sensitive, responsive emotionally available respectschildren’s capacities

reciprocal interactions internalize type of caregiving received respects adult authority taught to resist abuse of authority

Incest Child molestation
Bypersons children/family know By strangers (least common)
• Direct contact • Through internet

Child pornography Prostitution & child trafficking Sexualizing children

At least 20% of all girls At least 10% of all boys More than 900 million survivors worldwide

Social Forces that Account for Child Sexual Abuse
Children’s status Entitlement, often genderedSexual and emotional gratification of perpetrators Minimization of effects on survivors Victim-blaming & silencing of survivors Taboos sexual abuse and healthy sexuality Myths about perpetratorsFinancial gain, Underfunded prevention efforts.

Wide variation Depend on
Other adversities children have experienced Resources available to survivors Sensitive, responsive care providers

DoSurvivors Become Perpetrators?
Most do not
Have resources and protective processes that they put to work

Most perpetrators were not sexually abused
Many use sexual stimulation to cope with...
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