Child Abuse

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Instructor’s Comments and/or Response Violence is the expression of physical or verbal force against another or even oneself. We are all aware of the constant, almost epidemic headlines on the news regardingviolence in the Broward and Miami Dade County School System. We have seen horrendous stories of violent acts, beatings, burnings, and shootings in schools across the country, additionally, locally here in South Florida.
Over the last recent years there has been a rapidly increase in violence in schools all over the country, but now is specifically reaching our state and the counties of Browardand Miami-Dade. It has reached a degree, where the violence needs to stop; otherwise the consequences could be catastrophic. School violence is not just a school problem but a larger societal issue that requires efforts of students, parents, faculty, and the community. It is a society issue because it involves everyone affected either by the victim or the related parties of the perpetrator. Eventhough, our society wants to blame schools directors, school and board of education, there is more to it. Parents, society and children are as part of the problem as anyone else. Education is important to a nation. Civilizations with a highly educated workforce experiences higher economic and living conditions than societies with less educated, thus, we need to pay closely attention to thesedilemma and find a solution that will benefit the kids of our future.
“Problems associated with school violence include higher than average teacher turnover, increased student dropout rates, students changing schools, and principals/teachers retiring earlier than expected. Increases in violence on school property can make students depressed, scared, and anxious. Until students are comfortable intheir environment, the learning will be minimal and less than what our society expects for our students successful future.” (Crews, Crews, and Turner, 2008).
Statistics made available by Florida Department of Education show a decrease in violence in schools; however, the reason for the decrease in numbers is not because there was a decrease in violence, but because there was a decrease in studentenrollment. Violence such as homicide, sexual battery, robbery and battery in the district dropped from 1,245 cases in the 2006-07 school years to 1,162 cases in the 2007-08 school years. However, it needs to be taken into account that enrollment dropped by roughly 3,700 students in the same time period.
Causes of school violence are hard to determine by one exact cause however, the following areconsidered the most important. More teens nowadays have access to weapon s than in previous generations, sadly, to gain access to guns, teens can acquire them illegally or even worse, there are already guns in their household, because their parents had purchased it already.
The amount of violence in media, have increase immensely, violence can be found on TV, movies, music, video games and so...
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