Chiquita case

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Chiquita Case Questions
Answer 6 out of 10 questions.

2. From the Chiquita executives perspective, what are some of the negative consequences of paying the AUC 1% of all exports?
Pays the 1%extortion, funds AUC "atrocities" in the region/country, there is a potential to get caught and thus have enormous damage to Chiquita's reputation, they may lose some on the reputation side, but theyprobably would not go through the whole court process and be financially penalized.

3. From the Chiquita executives perspective, what are some of the positive consequences of paying the AUC 1% ofall exports?
The biggest reason is protection of the employees, less chance of murders and kidnappings, plus they don't have to quit the profitable operations in Colombia, country in which they cantake advantage of the good conditions such as: low taxes, cheap labor, few labor restrictions and corporate freedom and accessibility to the world market.

5. Why was the UFC given the nickname “ElPulpo”?
“El Pulpo” represents the UFC's reputation for interfering in government and controlling politics, is well known in Colombia and in the countries that UFC has production that they´re alwaystrying to manipulate and to interfere in all the levels of politics to achieve its goals.

6. At what point, did Bananas become a popular United States food? What advance in technology made thispossible?
Bananas first became popular in the early 1900s, they lost popularity in 1950s (due to processed foods) and gained popularity in 1970s (due to greater understanding of the benefits offresh fruits).
About technology advances was: first, the ships painted white, second, the refrigerated ships, third, disease resistant banana varieties and finally, low oxygen packing/shipping boxes7. From the perspective of Colombia, should large international firms such as Chiquita, ExxonMobil, and Coca-Cola do business in Colombia? Why or Why not?
Absolutely, they must do business here,...
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